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Dec 23rd, 2006

Food is an integral part of my life and its no surprise that I came by this at a young age. I am Italian after all. I wish I could say I was born in Italy, and not Cleveland, which … Continue reading

Winter Feasting

Dec 8th, 2006

Growing up in the Midwest brought with it a variety of cuisines. I think many people think one dimensional if you mention Chicago, Detroit or even Cleveland for its perceived lack luster food and concord style grapes that are relegated … Continue reading

Talking Turkey

Dec 3rd, 2006

This time of year, more than any other time, Americans are overwhelmed with the task of making not only turkey – but a better, new and improved from last year bird that will rival all other competitors. In all fairness, … Continue reading

Giving Thanks!

Nov 20th, 2006

This time of year most of us take the opportunity to reflect on the past years events and how the choices we have made have impacted our lives. For me it has been a year of great reward both personally … Continue reading

Fall memories

Nov 7th, 2006

The signs of fall are with us again. Burning leaves, higher than usual tides, horizontal rain and apples fermenting on the ground in our back yard (unfortunately I cannot keep up with the clean up). All combined, they remind us … Continue reading


Oct 27th, 2006

New York New York! As you may know I have just returned from NYC where I was cooking at the James Beard House in the trendy community of Greenwich Village, near SoHo. The Beard Foundation, as it is known by … Continue reading


Sep 29th, 2006

Hi! Lenore here again, stealing a moment while Bob is too busy to write. Lots of people are asking about SPINACH! “Why” spinach? How it is responsible for such a wide spread serious foodborne outbreak? Maybe you might remember the … Continue reading


Sep 25th, 2006

Hi! Lenore here, writing in Bob’s Blog. I know Bob as one of the most romantic men on the planet, but he probably wouldn’t think to write about this topic here. However, I have been anxious to share this with … Continue reading

Smoked Salmon

Sep 18th, 2006

Soup and chowder sales always seem to pick up as the weather turns cooler on the coast. Anyone visiting the area can find a good array of seafood-based soups, stews and Cioppino. Lenore and I decided to introduce our smoked … Continue reading

Fall is coming…

Sep 12th, 2006

With the weather at the coast changing and the new varieties of vegetables showing up on my order guides, it is beginning to smell and look like fall. Since our move to the coast I have been enjoying the many … Continue reading

Try a “blush” wine for summer!

Jun 12th, 2006

I think many of us can remember when Mateus Rose was hot; I think it was in the 70ís, and then there was the White Zinfandel craze that seems to be hanging on still. Because of great marketing by the … Continue reading

Tastes of French Bistro

Jun 4th, 2006

After completing another class from our, ìTastes ofÖî series, I am reminded how many culinary nuances exist from the cuisines making up the Mediterranean. This has been a departure for me since I have always enjoyed mixing up the flavors … Continue reading


May 17th, 2006

Well it is 4:30 PM on Wednesday and we have just finished a couple of days of a coastal heat wave. Now I am certainly not complaining, however I have not felt like doing much cooking, even though today was … Continue reading

Planked Fish

May 10th, 2006

Running a cooking school on the coast, it is just a natural expectation that we do a fair amount of seafood. And we do. We look for ways to vary the preparation and accompaniments to get many versions of say … Continue reading


May 8th, 2006

Now that we are in our second year of operation, the catering has picked up and really given us the opportunity to do what we love ñ off premise catering. This weekend marked the annual ìSpring Unveilingî. This is the … Continue reading

New Class Offerings

May 1st, 2006

The tasting class that I wrote about last week has inspired a new series of classes we are calling PANTRY TASTINGS! We are often asked our opinion of a variety of ingredients such as chocolate, sea salts, olive oils, herbs … Continue reading


Apr 24th, 2006

Two very important ingredients at EVOO are EVOO, of course, and SALT. Recently we conducted a very successful tasting of EVOO and sea salt. I initially wanted to conduct a formal tasting, like the pros would do, but for more … Continue reading


Apr 16th, 2006

There are many ways to entertain and celebrate, but brunch has to be one of the best. Best I think because menus are pretty simple and usually enjoyed by most. Even people who don’t eat eggs, will often eat them … Continue reading


Apr 15th, 2006

One of the most satisfying experiences is watching someone learn something new, especially when you are the teacher. Hi, Lenore here, writing in Bob’s stead. We had “kidís in the kithen” classes this week and they made pasta. The children … Continue reading

INNOVATIONS – Improv-open stove night at EVOO?

Apr 7th, 2006

Finally, I am finding a moment to write again. Lots of distractions this week, like a trip to the big city, Beaverton! Amazing how small our world is in our paradise. Our girls, the poodles, needed hair cuts and we … Continue reading

Our name, EVOO

Mar 31st, 2006

I finally realized all the fuss about naming kids when Lenore and I attempted to name our establishment. Not having children, I often chuckled at the lengths parents would go to name their offspring. Donít get me wrong. I understand … Continue reading

Cooking With Kids

Mar 27th, 2006

For the most part our classes are geared toward adults. When Spring Break comes along we need to reverse that. Because whole families come to town, adults with young children are not available for an evening dining class. So for … Continue reading

Crepes 101 – watching and learning

Mar 26th, 2006

Around here, we really look forward to Sunday. It rarely feels like the day before a new work week. I like it because it is my day to be in the retail store, while Lenore teaches class. Based upon the … Continue reading


Mar 25th, 2006

S.O.D. is the tag we affectionately use to describe our Sous chef Of the Day! This program gives those who are thinking aobut changing cooking from their avocation to their vocation a chance to see if itís for them. SOD … Continue reading

Post Production – DVD

Mar 22nd, 2006

WOW! 15 hours later and you have a one hour DVD….crazy. We finished shooting yesterday and both Lenore and I are exhausted. You kinda get used to the camera lighting and “pin drop” quiet after a while, but the endurance … Continue reading

First day…………DVD production

Mar 19th, 2006

Today is our first day of the DVD production. Just when you want to look your best—cameras pointed at us, Lenore woke up before the alarmóreally early and is operating on less sleep than usual and having a bad hair … Continue reading


Mar 18th, 2006

We are partnering with Enloe Media & Ballasiotes Marketing Communications in Seattle to create a behind-the-scenes, BACK STAGE PASS to EVOO, featuring demonstrations, methods and how-to-doís from our live classes. The idea was inspired by several customers who said they … Continue reading

Happy St. Pattys Day

Mar 17th, 2006

Title: Happy Saint Patrickís Day! Hi All: this is a Special Dayóits St Pattyís Day and one of my favorite days in the year. First, because I think of my sister and brother-in-law whose wedding anniversary is today. Happy Anniversary, … Continue reading

The true pleasure of cooking and eating….recipe included

Mar 14th, 2006

Lenore and I have been together 20+ years now and at some point along the way we were able to articulate just what makes ìusî work. We have dubbed it the ìsatisfaction factor.î Believe it or not this does have … Continue reading

Sunday Afternoon

Mar 12th, 2006

As another week comes to an end we can’t help but think of how much fun we are having. Maybe it is because the sun is out this afternoon, but I think it’s because we live at the beach. 🙂 … Continue reading

Menu development

Mar 8th, 2006

One of the most frequently asked questions of guests attending one of our classes is how we come up with our menus. I thought I should take up a few lines and explain since that is what I am working … Continue reading

Chef-Farmer connection

Mar 7th, 2006

Hello from the coast! I journeyed to Canby yesterday to attend the chef-farmer collaborative, put on by Ecotrust. The collaborative is a venture to bring chefs and farmers/growing community together in an effort to foster relationships, and of course buying/selling … Continue reading

Day 1

Feb 16th, 2006

Welcome to Bob’­s blog! It has been a long time since I needed to think about technology in the work place. After 6+ years at MS, I gladly gave up my laptop and tech toys to move to the beach. … Continue reading