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Feast of the Seven Fishes 2011

Dec 4th, 2011

I have just watch the Feast of Fishes on the food network for the second year. It is a Bobby Flay Throw-down repeat. I have already prepared and posted our menu for this year, but now I am wondering if … Continue reading


Oct 31st, 2011

Our good friend (our “adopted” daughter) has a birthday today, on Halloween, and so after a good rest in our own bed last night, we called to sing to her and to catch up the last two weeks on both … Continue reading


Oct 31st, 2011

OCTOBER 29, 2011 First let me tell you that we have just completed two incredible weeks in Italy. Contributing were the incrediblly unseasonal weather; our wonderful tour guide, Paola; our hosts, Stefano and Sergio, at the castle-villa Fabbroni; the artisans … Continue reading

Cheese Making

Oct 28th, 2011

Any excuse to party! This one takes the cake! Or makes for a traffic jam! We were on our way to a farm up north of Florence and so took the freeway. At one point the traffic slowed down and we could see lots of people and cars in the lane that was closed, causing the slow-down. When going past the congestion we saw people all dressed in Italian professional business attire toasting with glasses of (sparlking Proseco, we surmised). The were toasting the opening of the lane while blocking one going north! Gotta love that! Continue reading


Oct 20th, 2011

Our day in the town of Greve in Chianti began yesterday after another night of power dining; it was our last class at the villa and we cooked several items including dessert, and went to bed after a long evening … Continue reading

Savoring Tuscany

Oct 18th, 2011

We arrived into Florence airport and were greeted by sunshine and our guide met us with her sunny smile as well. It was a wonderful flight over Greenland into Amsterdam and then a short trip to Florence on a connecting … Continue reading


Oct 10th, 2011

October 29, 2011 Another stunningly beautiful day in Italy! We are off to some free time in Lucca, the completely walled city slightly north of Florence. Paola, our guide, said she thinks it is the best place to experience shopping … Continue reading

thirteen days and counting down

Oct 1st, 2011

The excitement of our trip to Tuscany is beginning to take over the usual excitement our new menu that starts today provides. Typically we change the menu the first weekend of the new month and after a whole month, we … Continue reading


Sep 15th, 2011

We are leaving in a few weeks to host our first culinary journey, and I am getting excited. It has been in the works about a year, I think, and in October we will be on Italian soil picking olives … Continue reading

Time to reflect on Summer, already?

Aug 31st, 2011

It seems things are just beginning to “heat up” this summer, and it’s already time to expect visitor traffic to recede. Our inclination is to say, “no, don’t go!” We’re just warming up. (Literally, that is true!) We want to … Continue reading


Aug 14th, 2011

Today is our seventh year anniversary! And very happy about that! On the one hand it seems quick, really seven years? On the other like dog-years! Opening a small business and becoming “it” is daunting and humbling at once. It … Continue reading


Aug 11th, 2011

Tonight we are entering our second week of the August menu. After five full weeks in July we are pretty ready for the change. You see we eat the leftovers all month long. All good, just happy to see the … Continue reading

A cathartic rambling…

Jul 25th, 2011

First and foremost our goal at EVOO is to provide a good dining experience that also inspires our guests to make the recipes at home. We know that our approach with ingredients and techniques has to be attainable for them. … Continue reading

My day off

Jul 20th, 2011

We had been asked for a date to serve a small group described as foster kids, who were meeting from all over the country in Seaside, Oregon’s headquarters for the foster club, and who their director believed would gain allot … Continue reading


Jul 9th, 2011

Ah, summer has arrived. The summer heat beating down onto our thin black asphalt roof coupled with no insulation is enough to melt our computers in our attic office; consequently it is the only room that has AC. Our dogs … Continue reading


Jun 15th, 2011

June 1st, we launched our remolded website. Our goal was to simplify. I guess we won’t know for sure until more of our guests have a chance to use it, but from Lenore’s perspective, if it is as easy for … Continue reading


May 23rd, 2011

We invited guests who will be traveling with us to attend this preview TASTE OF TUSCANY dinner at EVOO to put us all in the mood for the trip. Continue reading


Apr 23rd, 2011

…but I do know I miss these times with Lenore’s side of the family. Continue reading


Mar 16th, 2011

What strikes me looking back is that nothing mattered as much as our personal safety. Continue reading

Trippin’ out to Tuscany

Mar 4th, 2011

Tripping out as chef p! Continue reading

Recipe Testing

Feb 12th, 2011

Dumplings are light and flavorful for a traditional minestrone soup. Continue reading

Mid January and counting

Jan 19th, 2011

Sometimes it seems the most exciting part about January is the planning we do for the rest of year. We are mid-Jan and counting the days for faster times in town!  So much water!  Even our little get away plan … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Jan 1st, 2011

It is amazing how good it feels to say so long to the old and ring in the new! Besides being thankful for a good year past, we find ourselves hopeful for this one. It is clear we are doing … Continue reading