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Oct 29th, 2013

We just heard we are mentioned by a NZ travel writer who was in Oregon this summer and came to a farmers market dinner. ` “EVOO Cannon Beach Cooking School With quips like “Garlic is a vegetable”, “Go large or … Continue reading


Oct 27th, 2013

Well we can finally say Lucca! Paola is very superstitious so up until now we could not say Lucca without poking the cosmic bear and possibly jinxing our trip to the walled city. Our day began as all do at … Continue reading

OCT 21, Lucca

Oct 21st, 2013

Rain! The locals reported this as very unusual this early in the season. Our plans for an early morning start to go the two hour drive to Lucca was in vain. Our tour guide half jokingly stated something about a … Continue reading

Savoring Italy 2013 first morning…

Oct 19th, 2013

Each year as lenore and I prepare for Italy, it seems that the reality doesn’t kick in until we are in hour 18 or so of getting there. By that time its been long enough that our twisted muscles and … Continue reading

RECIPE OF SUMMER! Summer means……potato salad

Jul 13th, 2013

To begin with, there are things like no others than can take me back to my childhood summers. The slam of the creaky screen door; the smell of beach fires (now, fire pits); the way the fresh air of the … Continue reading


Jun 27th, 2013

Well, it finally happened. Our five star run on Trip Advisor has ended. We have been holding our breath, much the way we do before we get our first scratch in the paint on a new car. Knowing it is … Continue reading


Apr 12th, 2013

We really don’t eat much pudding. At least not the cornstarch variety that is in the older cookbooks. It isn’t on restaurant menus much any more unless as a mousse or pastry cream. Maybe in the South where Banana Pudding … Continue reading


Mar 11th, 2013

WINE BLENDING CLASS Our town just experienced SAVOR CANNON BEACH WEEKEND 2013. This wine and food festival started three years ago to attract folks to town for wine thinking, drinking and seeking-good wine, that is. The culinary side of the … Continue reading


Mar 4th, 2013

Pictures may tell the story but let me just describe our first course of the March menu and see if you miss the picture. Lenore says the broth and vegetables are crazy good alone, but there is so much more to … Continue reading

March Schedule

Feb 23rd, 2013

WHAT’S GOING ON? There are so many good reasons to come see us in Cannon Beach. First we rarely get out so we need friends to come to us! Second and most importanly, the beach! It has been a fantastic February! Good weather … Continue reading


Jan 11th, 2013

2013  EVOO TOURS  After our first visit years ago we became charmed by Italy.  The allure of the scenery, the history, the rich culture, especially the food and wine culture, and the famous Italian hospitality was so seductive that we  … Continue reading