Jun 30,2012
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
$ 109

Our monthly DINNER SHOW MENUS reflect local seasonal ingredients that are designed to give guests three new complete menus and one fabulous dessert to do at home. All courses prepared with a lively exchange of food talk and then you savor all four courses! A relaxing two and half hours later you leave satisfied and excited to try the new recipes and ideas you learned.  Cost inclusive of wines. Menus are subject to availability and may change without notice.

Grilled wild king salmon & white anchovy dressing; herbed Farro or cracked wheat, Chioggia raw beet, walnut, arugula salad

WINE PAIRING: Pudding River 2011 Chardonnay

Maltagliati (pasta ribbons) & Pendleton pork sugo (Italian tomato based pulled pork gravy), fresh ricotta, orange blossom honey and Tilicherry peppercorns; grilled baby artichoke & red wine vinaigrette

WINE PAIRING: For a Song 2009 Melody

Five-spice preserved confit of duck, sesame fried rice with hen egg, scallions and summer vegetables

WINE PAIRING: Peachy Canyon 2010 Incredible Red (zinfandel)

Vanilla bean sour cream cake & chocolate ice custard, with rhubarb strawberries sauce, whipped creme fraiche,
sugared-salted Spanish peanuts

COFFEE: Caffe Umbria Mezzanote Decaf

Printed recipes will not be included during our show. That way you may focus on techniques.  We believe by learning “methods,” recipes easily adapt for every season with ingredients that are available.

Tonight’s methods include using two-cooking methods for one  job; cooking confit style; fried rice basics; blanching vegetables basics; braising meats for sauce; making brittle; choosing wine as a food rather than a beverage


MISE EN PLACE (say, meeze on plause)
FRIED RICE with fresh market ingredients
SALMON, WILD KING, the best salmon in the world!

To book call
1-877-436-EVOO (3866) and speak with an EVOO representative.

All reservations require payment in full at time of booking and all sales are final.

Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a private event?

When groups want a private event, they are required to purchase a minimum of 20 seats. Groups of over 10 must acquire the date of their choice as a private party. If their party is less than 20, the cost to become private is still for 20 guests. In addition, when the menu is customized and/or personalized, we add a service fee up to 20%. We will not seat groups of 7-10 together.

May we bring our own wine to a dinner show?

We do not allow outside wines at any experience. At shows where the menu is paired to the wines our pairings are a large part of the experience. We have many food friendly wines in our store that can be purchased for shows that do not include wines. Chef Bob always gives a recommendation for wines that match all of these menus. Beer is also available as are soft beverages. These beverages are priced at shelf prices, not wine-list prices.

What about seating? Should I come early for a good seat?

No need to come early. We create a seating chart based on the number and size of the parties that buy tickets for each event. Since we have a small intimate space, we can only fit a certain number of people into each one of our experiences for best results. Therefore, we are unable to give preferential seating to any party or guest based on their preferences. If there is a special need such as wheel chair, hearing or sight impairment, we will make exceptions as best we can.  We have as many requests for bar seating as we do the high tables behind the bar.  All seats are good seats! NOTE: Parties greater than six often must be split up in deference to our other guests attending. We recommend parties greater than ten reserve the entire date for their private party.  If this is not possible, we may need to limit the size of your group to ten or less and we will not seat such groups together to ensure our remaining guests feel equal at the event.  We appreciate when such groups reserve their private gift giving and toasting for after the show.

What if I am not sure of my lodging but want to come to EVOO; do I have to pay in advance?

We recommend you always secure lodging before you buy your tickets to the show. If you need help with lodging you may go to www.cannonbeach.org

My partner’s the cook; will I enjoy the dinner shows?

Many of our guests are dragged along with the foodies in their lives and end up really enjoying the dinner show. Kick back, relax and enjoy the food and wine while we do all the work!

I already know how to cook. Is there anything at EVOO for me?

If you want to take your skills to the next level consider our SOUS CHEF OF THE DAY program. You will work alongside Chef Bob learning professional tricks of the trade as you prep the evening dinner show menu. Our guests who are good cooks generally tell us they always learn something. We always learn from our guests as well.

Are you a restaurant?

Not exactly! EVOO offers unique recreational cooking and dining experiences from hands-on cooking classes to interactive demonstration dinner shows. At all experiences, guests are served a meal.

Why do I have to give you my food allergies/restrictions?

With advance notice, we can make substitutions for most common food allergies (i.e. celiac, tree nuts, soy, etc.) and restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, Pescatarian, no pork, etc.). Creating these options becomes part of the learning process for everyone attending. In fact, many guests find it interesting how simply adjustments can be made with an outcome very close to the original menu. Because of the extra time it takes to accommodate these allergies and restrictions, we will not make substitutions for preferences that are not related to health needs or lifestyle/religious preferences. In some instances, we will have you speak to the chef directly to determine whether or not your allergies/restrictions can be accommodated.

Is tip included?

No, tip is not included. Our service help is paid a full, better than a typical server's wage that relies on tipping. And so our servers do not require tips; though not expected,  like everyone, they appreciate being recognized.

Why must I pay in advance for reservations at EVOO?

Unlike a restaurant, our ingredient purchases are precise for the number of guests and the menu we are making. And if we have “no-shows,” we have no other use for the fresh ingredients we carefully purchase from our local farmers, fishers, and ranchers.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you have to cancel for any reason you may sell your tickets or give them away. We do not issue refunds for cancellations.