Each business member gets three tickets to join us to learn more about EVOO and what we do. Guests will check in at the front door, pass by six stations inside, listen to our associates describe a portion of our business, sample some of our cooking, and exit by the back yard. It is our wish to inform and excite CB business owners and their associates about EVOO, by giving them a first hand experience making each a little better able to reply to CB visitors and guests.

On the day of the event, you and your associates arrive at our front door where you receive your program cards.  You must RSVP this invitation so you and your associates are on the list.

Station #1: BEVERAGES  Wine, Beer, Sparkling, and non-alcoholic offerings— an EVOO associate tells you about our wine collection. Ours is not a static wine list, but rather chosen as food friendly accompaniments to our menus. As our menus change so do the wines.   For this event, you sample one of our food friendly beverages chosen for the foods you will also be sampling.

Station #2: DELI & SPECIALTY FOODS— Our associate at the deli case describes our cheeses, prosciutto, and salamis. You see our proprietary foods, labels that Bob and Lenore have created, including our series of Flavors spice blends, our BLUE SKY sea salt, tomato jam and black and blue ketchup. You sample some of those and some of our collection of our personally selected olive oils and specialty foods from our Italy and Sicily travels.

Station #3: AT THE STOVE–chef Bob tells all about our dinner shows and samples out one of a our Farmers Market dinner show specialties, baby back ribs with Bob’s proprietary black ‘n blue catsup. He will also tell you about our corporate skill building opportunities and cooking shows for private groups.

Station #4: HANDS-ON & SKILL BUILDING CLASSES–at the window on a work table, we discuss our popular hands-on offerings Artisan Bread, Pasta 101, Omelet and Crepe Classics, Culinary Basics and all skill building classes. We display some of our daily breads and the steps to making a simple hand cut pasta. You will also receive a copy of Bob’s pasta recipe, which was created from his resolution of a childhood confliction: his Jewish grandma made noodles with AP flour, eggs, water, salt; and his Italian grandma used only semolina flour, water, and sometimes EVOO in her pasta. No wonder he was conflicted over pasta so he made his own recipe including ingredients from both sides! You may sample the pasta for yourself, we call it pasta détente, along with a samples of his daily bread, as grilled garlic toast.

Station #5: Just a Sweet taste!–at the work table in our prep kitchen, we display several sweets, some plated as we might server at one of our dinner shows; samples, including Bob’s signature nut brittles, are small enough that you can eat more than one.

Station #6: backyard cooking: At the back door guests receives a formal farewell by Lenore, a short flyer (more propaganda), and an EVOO cooking school ambassador button. She will direct you through our backyard to the side parking lot, and invite you to sample a few more bites from our EVO grill and new Pizza oven used in our back yard cooking classes.

Your responsibility as an EVOO ambassador is to be able to answer these questions about EVOO whenever your customers and CB visitors ask. 1-what does EVOO mean?  2-what comes with a dinner show ticket? 3-What if we want a private party? 4-What hands-on classes do they do?

Tuition? Not in the usual sense. We suggest you use your tickets as you wish. But if you do not RSVP you will not be admitted at the door. If you cannot come or find you have extra ticket(s) your business cannot use, please let us give it to another group that may have need for more than 3 tickets.



FRIED RICE with fresh market ingredients
MISE EN PLACE (say, meeze on plause)
MOJO, ("moe-hoe"), onion lime condiment
SOUP, RIBOLLITA, black cabbage, bean & bread soup

Private Events

Any of our shows or class experiences can be designed just for your private party. (*) Imagine  having a room of your friends watching and dining during the Dinner Show or with aprons on and hands into the dough during a private PASTA 101 semi-hands-on class. Private experiences can be arranged by speaking directly with one of our representatives. See our CUSTOM EVENTS page to learn more about the possibilities.


(*)Private groups of ten or less may join the regular scheduled classes and are expected to pay the regular price per person, gratuity optional.  Groups of 11 or more constitute a private event, and our pricing for those experiences depends upon the date, number in the party, type of experience, and of course, the menu. A service fee is always applied.