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In some ways meat cookery is an easy topic for cooks as all cuisines of the world cook with meats, (beef, foul, game, lamb, sheep, offal). Our goal for this class is simply to focus on the methods by which we handle animal proteins in order to make them taste great and be tender and juice regardless of the animal source. To do this end, we endeavor to answer these questions:

1. What are the techniques for cooking tender  and tough muscle or animal cuts?

2. What is the scientific significance of simply choosing to use dry heat cooking vs moist heat cooking when cooking meat?

3. What are the techniques we can employ to take a dish from ordinary and make it extraordinary?

4. What are the cooking temperatures we strive for and how do we know when we reach them.

5. What is the difference between barbeque and grilling?

6. What are some of the classic dishes prepared before refrigeration and modern preservation that remain today and why?


Private Events

Any of our shows or class experiences can be designed just for your private party. (*) Imagine  having a room of your friends watching and dining during the Dinner Show or with aprons on and hands into the dough during a private PASTA 101 semi-hands-on class. Private experiences can be arranged by speaking directly with one of our representatives. See our suggestions for a private event page to learn more about the possibilities.


(*)Private groups of ten or less may join the regular scheduled classes and are expected to pay the regular price per person, gratuity optional.  Groups of 11 or more constitute a private event, and our pricing for those experiences depends upon the date, number in the party, type of experience, and of course, the menu. A service fee is always applied.