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Th techniques for risotto, pasta and paella require understanding the method first, and then one can  apply the method using many different ingredients. Of course, each dish has a classic preparation and if you want to be “traditional,” you might want to include traditional or classic ingredients. Whether one wishes to make the dish closer to the original recipes, or non-traditional recipes,  it is the method that will allow for both. We tend to urge focus on the methods, rather than recipes, because then you are free to use what ingredients are in season, and therefore best tasting.

The pasta section of the day takes us through making the dough. Semolina flour, all pupose flour or both; addition of oil, eggs or just water?  These questions will be answered and then we demonstrate the use of a hand-crank pasta maker or no machine to prepare dough for shaping. And last we will make papparedelle and ravioli for our practice dishes.

The Paella section  of the day will prove to be the closest we come to replicating a classical recipe.  The goal here is to develop socarrat, the incredible caramelized crispy crust on the bottom of the pan, a technique that was probably first made by accident–a little over cooking and perhaps drying to encourage the caramelizing, but that seems to be a goal for paella, at least for the Spanard officianto.

The risotto section of the day will give us a chance to focus on the method of making a “soffrito.”  Once we make that the ingredients we choose to use can change with the season again, as at least for the Italians, one can use whatever one wishes as background flavor for the risotto.

What each of the three dishes has in common is the intimidation factor. It seems that many cooks avoid making them since there they seem time consuming and often ingredient intensive. This class intends to bust the intimidation factor. In fact at least two of these focus sections can simply be made from the average pantry. Can you guess which two?

Private Events

Any of our shows or class experiences can be designed just for your private party. (*) Imagine  having a room of your friends watching and dining during the Dinner Show or with aprons on and hands into the dough during a private PASTA 101 semi-hands-on class. Private experiences can be arranged by speaking directly with one of our representatives. See our suggestions for a private event page to learn more about the possibilities.


(*)Private groups of ten or less may join the regular scheduled classes and are expected to pay the regular price per person, gratuity optional.  Groups of 11 or more constitute a private event, and our pricing for those experiences depends upon the date, number in the party, type of experience, and of course, the menu. A service fee is always applied.