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Lori’s mise en Place to set up for success!
Lori made rigatoni with canned pantry items! Delicious food from a contemporary pantry!












This is our new series for skill building. First day includes some review and a simple baking recipe, culminating in preparation of our first menu. Each day is based upon a common menu concept, and everyone prepares a full meal on their own. The main idea is that skills build with each new menu. Open enrollment–take single classes or all.
Tuition: Per day: $199; Full series: $600

DAY 1:  WEEKNIGHT DINNERS – GOOD ENOUGH FOR COMPANY We focus on comfort foods that are quick to execute. Preparation learnings: quick protein cuts; knife cuts (dice, slice, mince, julienne); pan-sauces; reductions; roux sauces; sautéing; pan frying; grilling;  breading; blanch/shock; smoking; curing, marinating. Menus: TBA

DAY 2:  LOW SLOW DOUBLE DUTY MEALS  learnings include braising & stewing. We focus on the tougher cuts of proteins, a brief overview of how to decide what is tough and what is tender, and we apply the cooking methods for tougher cuts. Since they typically take longer to cook, we suggest planning for secondary uses.  Some preparation
methods we use are grinding, stuffing & tying, pounding; brining. Menus TBA

DAY 3:  CONTEMPORARY PANTRY MEALS-learn how to make your pantry work for you. It should provide meals and parts of meals; it should provide exquisite condiments that can transform good ingredients to great.
Today is designed to help you think differently about your pantry; how to make it work for your household; and how to use your pantry when making your shopping list. You become a better and happier cook because you’ll never have to say there’s nothing in the house to eat! Today you practice creating menus from a choice of regional pantries or your own; then each participant makes one of the menus from start to finish.

DAY 4: DINNER PARTIES   Prepare menus that allow you to be a guest at your own party. Reduce the stress of entertaining with our rules for menu choice and pre prep planning.  Learnings include pairing food and wine; planing your prep schedule; learning to choose a menu that allows do ahead; and what to save to finish at service.  The Party Menu Pattern: 2 appetizers that are do ahead, entree, starch, vegetable, bread, salad, dessert, wine Menus-TBA

Private Events

Any of our shows or class experiences can be designed just for your private party. (*) Imagine  having a room of your friends watching and dining during the Dinner Show or with aprons on and hands into the dough during a private PASTA 101 semi-hands-on class. Private experiences can be arranged by speaking directly with one of our representatives. See our suggestions for a private event page to learn more about the possibilities.


(*)Private groups of ten or less may join the regular scheduled classes and are expected to pay the regular price per person, gratuity optional.  Groups of 11 or more constitute a private event, and our pricing for those experiences depends upon the date, number in the party, type of experience, and of course, the menu. A service fee is always applied.