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PLAYING WITH FIRE is the name of a new series of semi-hands-on classes we are doing in our backyard wood fired oven (WFO) and wood fired grill! Each class culminates in a sit down LUNCH, outside, weather permitting. There are three food themes for these classes for some very happy back yard eating!

In this class we stoke up the wood fired back yard grill to make wood coals so we can take beautiful pieces of protein and grill them to perfection. Every class includes a medley of three types of meats appropriate for quick char grilling, such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb, ground meat sausage, and maybe even rabbit. (Oops, no, just kidding about that last one.)

6-1-17, 7-6-17
♥Meats to grill include ground sirloin burgers on house made Brioche buns;
WFO baby back ribs, Hot chicken wings
♥Bonus recipe: Potato salad made with salty potatoes
♥Fresh green salad with condiments
♥Fresh apple berry Tarte Tartin with whipped crème fraiche
♥Includes Bob’s choice red or white table wine6-15-17, 7-20-17
♥Meats to grill include Beef Flat Iron Steak,
Chicken wings and legs; ground pork house made sausages
♥Fresh salad greens with condiments and Bleu Cheese Dressing
♥Grilled garlic toast (Bob’s Daily Bread)
♥Fresh peach and raspberry Tarte Tartin
Includes Bob’s Choice red or white table wine

6-22-17, 7-27-17
♥Meats include marinated flank; marinated chicken breast,
ground lamb sliders on Brioche bun
♥ Bonus recipe: Fried cast iron potatoes with onion
♥Fresh green salad with Bleu cheese dressing
♥Grilled garlic toast
♥Cast iron stone fruit tarte tartin
Bob’s choice red or white table wine

Focus is on pizza! Not just any pizza, but the original, or so we think.  Napoli, Italy is credited as the home of the original pizzas, or shall we say, the inventors of pizza. And last summer when our WFO was producing many Neapolitan style pizzas, so many customers  remarked that ours was just as they remembered when visiting Napoli. And that for Chef Bob is the ultimate compliment.
Note: Today we will not be making substitutions for diet restrictions for gluten. To day we do not have a pizza dough made with alternative flour without gluten.

6-8-17, 6-29-17
Here’s the PIZZA class MENU
⇒Napoli style PIZZA (white and red) (eat all you can)
Calzone (sample tastes all around)
⇒Fresh Salad with greens, condiments
aged Provolone cheese slice and vinaigrette dressing
⇒Grilled garlic bread (Bob’s Daily Bread)
⇒Cast Iron pan Tarte Tartin (Stone fruit & berries)
Bob’s choice of table wines (Red and White)

SEAFOOD-“Fresh” is the word for cioppino. We are doing it all in the WFO for the flavor of summer.   9-4-17
◊CIOPPINO with 3-4 NW fresh seafood varieties
such as clams, mussels, salmon, rockfish, shrimp or crab legs
◊Lightly dressed green salad with anchovy oil dressing
◊Grilled garlic toast made with Bob’s Daily Bread
◊Fresh fruit Tarte Tartin, aka an upside down pie of
seasonal stone fruit, some berries
made in a cast iron pan
◊Bob’s choice table wine, red or white



Private Events

Any of our shows or class experiences can be designed just for your private party. (*) Imagine  having a room of your friends watching and dining during the Dinner Show or with aprons on and hands into the dough during a private PASTA 101 semi-hands-on class. Private experiences can be arranged by speaking directly with one of our representatives. See our suggestions for a private event page to learn more about the possibilities.


(*)Private groups of ten or less may join the regular scheduled classes and are expected to pay the regular price per person, gratuity optional.  Groups of 11 or more constitute a private event, and our pricing for those experiences depends upon the date, number in the party, type of experience, and of course, the menu. A service fee is always applied.