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Now that we are in our second year of operation, the catering has picked up and really given us the opportunity to do what we love ñ off premise catering. This weekend marked the annual ìSpring Unveilingî. This is the artists gallery opportunity to showcase new art and a great excuse (as if you need one) to come to the coast. With this yearís event, we were asked to partake with catering options for three of the galleries. This excites me due to the unique nature of the occasion. Food needs to be artful, delicious, served at room temperature and relegated to no more than 2 bites; no forks allowed and cannot be too crumbly or messy ñ cannot become an ìartî issue.

Sounds like a challenge, but that is half the fun! After allot of thought and collaboration with Lenore we came up with the following:

Saturday Bites for Spring Unveiling
Savory Palmiers
(crispy puff pastry with olive tapenade and cheese rolled within)
Crispy Asparagus Spears
(phyllo wrapped spring asparagus)
Pommes Annette with Asiago Cheese
(layered fingerling potatoes with goat cheese and fresh herbs)
Japanese eggplant Crisps – Cherry tomato & fresh Mozzarella
(fried eggplant nestled with oven dried tomato and fresh cheese)
Herbed & Spiced Goat Cheese balls
(rounds of cheese rolled in chives and house made curry)
Assorted Vegetable Bread Sticks
(cracker sticks flavored/colored with carrot, beet and power juices)
Glasses of Vegetable Sticks
(thin strips of sweet potato, jicama, asparagus, celery, grape tomatoes ñ more than cruditÈs)
Moroccan Bisteeya
(spicy chicken & almonds with harissa)
Mushroom + Olive Tapenade Tartlets
(mushroom, sherry and tarragon in a rich pastry crust)
(corn pockets filled with piquillo stuffed olives, tuna and jack cheese)
Lemon hazel nut squares
Chocolate Truffle Cup cakes
(lavender scented beef and onions in yeast dough)
Prosciutto wrapped bread sticks with Melon balls and Figs
Robiola Pizza Slices with White Truffle Oil
(triple cream cheese sandwiched between pizza slices with truffle oil)

Sunday Brunch Bites for Spring Unveiling
Savory French toast Rounds
(custard soaked artisan bread with tomatoes, basil and parmesan)
Twice Baked Truffled Potatoes
(fingerling potatoes stuffed with serrano, chives, cream and truffle oil)
Roasted Asparagus Spears
Prosciutto wrapped Cantaloupe Squares
Savory Biscotti
(green olive, orange zest and pistachio)
Mini Chocolate Chili Biscotti
(bittersweet chocolate and pasilla peppers)
Coffee cake Mini Muffins

Although the recipes were adapted from different resources, we would like to thank Martha Stewart, the Food Network and years of catering for the inspiration to the above. Bottom-line, keep in mind that the type of menu presented above takes a lot of detail work to put out but your guests will love it and they are sure to appreciate the effort you put forth. Ciao Bob!