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EVOO NEWS, i.e., reasons besides the bunnies to come to CB in the Spring

EVOO NEWS, or reasons besides the bunnies to come to CB

The bunnies of Cannon Beach bring special charm to any day, and especially when celebrating spring, Passover or Easter here in our town.   This sculpture called Country Dance is by Georgia Gerber, whose work is shown in town at Northwest by Northwest Gallery.  

  • Ah spring is upon us! The kids are on spring break, the daffodils that grow wild along 101 are there for the picking, springer salmon are running near the mouth of the Columbia, the bunnies of CB are everywhere. Oh let’s not forget, SPRING UNVEILING, the very special weekend in Cannon Beach that is headed by our art gallery group.  Indeed, all the signs of spring are here except the sunshine. But wait!  Yes, there is hope.
    Galleries are unveiling lots of new art pieces and new artist during the weekend, and this year Spring Unveiling introduces the chef’s table.  Many Cannon Beach restaurants are participating by partnering with a gallery and/or artist and either creating a dish based upon something in the gallery or the artists themselves are creating work to reflect something the chef is making for dinner!  Detailed descriptions will be available at the galleries and restaurants during the weekend. EVOO is delighted to announce they are pairing with two galleries for this project.
    ICE FIRE GALLERY and its glassblowers are creating a special piece reflecting the colors of our APRIL menu, with oranges, yellows, greens, etc., in other words, the colors of spring. The artists themselves will unveil this piece at our SATURDAY DINNER SHOW (May 5).
    The JEFFERY HULL GALLERY is creating another soon to be famous watercolor painting, inspired by something we are serving on our May menu. Only Lenore and Jeff know what the subject is because Chef Bob wants to be surprised at the unveiling like everyone else. The Hull unveiling is to be at the THURSDAY DINNER SHOW, May 3. And a bonus for our dinner guests is that the artists are attending dinner, too.
  • New class gets praise! So far, we’ve had two PIZZA TOSS 101 classes on Saturday mornings. We’ve designed the class to encourage home cooks to make their own pizza dough at home, especially using Bob’s recipe made with his “biga,” the living dough “starter” that has been with us since we opened in August 2004. As long as we feed it, the flavor and potency continues to deliver for any number of versatile applications.  We’ve scheduled four more Saturday pizza classes, April 14, April 21, and June 9. Tuition: $29.95; but wait! Pick up a coupon for $5.00 off the price of the class at the visitor’s center and a number of hotels in town. 

In photo above Lenore helps Sophie with her pizza dough while dad, sister, Lillie, and mom wait for the “toss” in our Pizza Toss 101.

  • ITALY TOURS are almost full. We have 12 guests for our first week; 8 guests for week two. We still have two double rooms available for our second week in Piedmont. This northern Italy region is home to many culinary treats, among them, truffles, Arborio rice (for risotto), Gorgonzola cheese, and the famous Barolo wines of the region. Our home for the week is a small Agriturismo farm located in a national park, that will be our home for some of cooking classes by the farm’s hosts, as well as an opportunity for Bob and Lenore to cook the way they do at home only using local Piedmont ingredients. The park is home to animal reserves and bird sanctuaries. Our rooms come with a bicycle that we may use during free time to explore the area.  Two openings! Why wait—is it your time to immerse into this unique culinary tour?
    Lenore is counting down the days to our private dinner on April 22 for all our new tour & travel companions. Bob is cooking up Italian and our tour director, Paola, will answer any questions and help with travel plans. The best part is we all meet and get excited about going to Italy together.
  • THE DINNER SHOW SCHEDULE March came in like a lion and left the same way. No growling about our March menu though.  It changed a few times during the month, due to late opening season for Halibut, and the difficulty we had getting mussels with the stormy weather. All recipes for March are on line by now.
    The APRIL DINNER SHOW menu is coming in with some spring favorites. Starting with the best salmon in the world, April’s menu brings Chinook wild king salmon from the local waters near the mouth of the Columbia River, followed by braised pork loin with fennel and spring vegetable pappardelle, and finally tenderloin with fresh roasted asparagus and spicy shrimp butter. For dessert we are preparing Bob’s version of a parfait of Tiramisu, inspired by our trip to Tuscany this past fall.
  • Our PROJECTS are finally getting some momentum; our  irons in the fire, balls in the air.  It seems we just have so many, that it is taking longer to get any one of them done. For sure we are making strides toward our goal to make safe, clean, Eco-friendly sea salt from the Pacific Ocean, right here off the coast of Oregon. This has been our plan since we moved to the north coast and it is finally taking on legs. With the help of OSU and OHSU we have some of the technical scientific stuff being worked out. The goal being to make a product that is environmentally self-conscious, replicable for other communities and one we hope gives back to our own food shed community.  Of course, we still have a ways to go before breaking ground, and we always welcome ideas and help from interested parties. Many of you know we have already manufactured our spice blends and have been selling them in our shop. We are pleased with the response we’ve had and plan to add a few more blends. In the process we decided to see if other places might be interested in carrying our spices, and so we are offering the wholesale packages to local stores here and in Portland.We are lucky to have found a partner in the CCA (CLATSOP COMMUNITY ACTION) that is repacking and labeling the spices for EVOO, and EVOO is donating for their labor as well as part of the proceeds on every bag we sell retail. We hope to get these going in a big way because besides buying locally, purchasing the EVOO spice blends helps support CCA’s most important mission to “help people meet housing, food and other basic living needs.”
    Recently we were able to donate a portion of spice that was leftover from another project we did with a local winery. The Warrenton food bank has asked us to develop a recipe using the donated spice as part of a rice and bean combo, both products CCA repacks for their constituents. The food bank teaches the recipe and how-to-do’s to the outlying pantries, and they in turn teach the end users to make the recipe using rice, beans and our spice.
  • OLIVE comes to EVOO. OLIVE is our new reservation program that is being created to make our process quicker for our guests and at the same time continue to make it personal by speaking with a live EVOO representative. We are so sure it is the best solution for our needs that we just had to name her! Our goal is to begin using the system in June. A big thanks goes out to the program designers Jim and Jane Francis at Personal Computer Training.
  • INTERNS as you may already know come to EVOO to finish out their formal training as the last requirement before they graduate. We are connected with culinary schools in Portland and Seattle who send us their students. Every program requires a set number of hours in a food service establishment to round out their classroom hours. Bob is an excellent trainer and gives them his time as he would any of our guests in our classes. They are asked to work with our associates doing whatever it takes to prepare for our dinner shows and other classes. We have recently started taking interns who are not sure they want to go to a formal culinary school, but want to see if working in the food industry is for them. Kate who is with us now for three months is in that group. She has been a massage therapist and worked with her mother in their own Spa. She loves to cook and wondered if she might like to change professions. You can learn more about her time here by following her on our blog, Bob’s Daily Bread.  To become an intern like Kate, please send email to info@evoo.biz.
  • We have purchased a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) MARKET BASKET from R-evolution Gardens, Nehalem, Oregon. Our plan is make up recipes using items from each basket for our dinner guests at our market dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the summer, hoping to inspire others to shop their local markets and buy CSA memberships. Anyone who purchases a CSA membership from Farmer Ginger after taking one of our classes will receive 10% off the price, she told us. We have purchased a full 24 weeks of produce, starting in May and ending the end of September. Our plan is for our sales manager, Shanda, to take home some of the ingredients each week and make meals for her family. In exchange, she has agreed to blog about what she makes and most importantly how her three children and her husband respond. Shanda is a self-proclaimed “limited cook,” so she is preparing herself for the challenge. Before we get into our full summer season, we hope to make a farm visit with the Shanda and her children, which hopefully helps solidify that food comes from farms, and grocery stores are there for our convenience. But this isn’t just any farm, this is totally “off the grid.” Learn more about this and Shanda’s Market Basket experiment, please check Bob’s Daily Bread starting in May. By the way, EVOO’s back porch is the new drop off for other R-evolution CSA customers. And because our CSA basket starts in May, our FARMERS MARKET DINNER SHOWS begin June 5, and 6, before the CB farmers market even opens this year. Market dinners continue to be a favorite with our guests who serve themselves from two full buffet courses after watching them be prepared and plattered for the buffet. Dinners come with a starter and dessert, too. Wine and other beverages are additional.
  • EARTHDAY CELEBRATIONOnce again on April 11, 2012 the city of Cannon Beach welcomes the tufted puffins back to Haystack Rock and continues with nature talks, science demonstrations and films, and more for the very well planned and executed event called, “The Twelve Days of Earthday!” It is free, and you cannot miss it as many of the events are staged right on the main street and visitor center. Click through to the website form more information. See photo of last year’s welcoming of the puffins.
  • RED RIDGE FARM  Our first field trip to do a show away from home took place March 18 to a sold out 35 guest list! We believe it was quite well received and in fact we want to do it again. Chefs are busy planning a return when they are going to do a pasta class, sometime in November. In addition we are inviting Red Ridge to come to EVOO to do an olive oil tasting on Saturday, June 23, 2012, at 11:00 to 2:00. It is a drop in, learn and taste. Photos below are top to bottom,  the beautiful facility our class was in at Red Ridge Farms; Bob displaying his soup set-up; the finished soup with lots of EVOO!
  • EVOO welcomes part time RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE, Amber Mott Schimke! (Shanda is delighted for the help!)

MARCIA ZEGAR for her cheerleading and photography skills. Not to mention her invitations to get Lenore away to just enjoy being in Cannon Beach.

GARY KRIVIAK & KATHY HAWKESWORTH for giving new meaning to “date night.” End of March, they flew in from Edmonton Canada and drove to CB just to have dinner at EVOO!  We also had the pleasure of their company in Tuscany last fall. Thanks you two! It was great to spend time together once again. Next time, stay awhile!

CATHY HIGGINS for representing EVOO at the Home Gift Show in Chicago this March. She recommended new products for EVOO’s store. Thanks too, Cathy for advising us on our business focus and HR questions.

MENDY & CHRIS GRIFFITH for driving from Olympia to Dayton OR to watch our show at Red Ridge Farm; but wait, Tracie Griffith was there helping us and she’s their daughter-in-law! (But they might have come that far just to see Bob)

GARY HAYES, publisher and local founder of SAVOR CANNON BEACH; it was a huge success; a win for our business community; and it left us looking forward to next year.  Great job, Gary!


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Your personal chefs,
Bob & Lenore