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August 2009

News in August
Making new friends is our typical summer pastime and this is the first time that we see so many families coming to OR for their first time. They come from Seattle, Portland/Vancouver, central and eastern WA, Olympia-Tacoma, Bellingham and Vancouver BC. They are driving larger distances, too–coming from Idaho, Alaska, Texas, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, California, and Arizona.

Our returning customers are still the biggest standouts in summer! Some only visit Cannon Beach once a year, and the fact we are seeing them again each year gives us such validation to keep doing what we are doing. Thanks to them, we have started our ENCORE membership club. This way we may show our appreciation for guest loyalty.

logoTo become a member we need you to go to our website and sign up. That is the only way we will be able to let you know when we are offering incentive to come back to EVOO. We have made signing up as easy as possible! Just click and fill in your contact info in each of the fields required. Then when you receive your confirmation email, simply click on the confirmation and you are in!

logoMarcia Zegar hand made this flag to commemorate our fifth anniversary. Thank you Marcia!

Our very first gesture of appreciation is a 5% discount on our Anniversary Wine Dinner. If you have already registered for the dinner, you will receive the discount as a coupon to use in our shop that evening or to apply toward another class any time until August 14, 2010.

marciaThe MARKET DINNERS are every week this summer up from only four last year. Menus include two protein entrees that we plan ahead to order from our market vendors, then on market day, Bob and Chad, our culinary intern, go to the market about 2:00 and pick out the herbs, fruit, berries, and vegetables that inspire them. It is a little more stressful for Bob as he prefers to have more control by 2PM in the day, but he always rises to the occasion and delivers some really creative sides to go with the entrees. Some market menus have included as many as fifteen recipes! Guests continue to be happy with the abundance and often tell us they tasted vegetables they wouldn’t otherwise buy or order in a restaurant. Another twist this year is that the market volunteers-the very important people who set up, “go-for” throughout the day, and take down all the market paraphernalia at the end; these volunteers are invited to volunteer once again at our market dinners—where they serve, refill water, and clear plates to help us out. And after the guests eat, they fill their own plates! EVOO might have the best deal here!

platesThe AUGUST MENU has already begun to morph away from our original idea, as with all creations, they change slightly each week. The first night for example we serve the nut brittle at dessert using a small amount of smoky paprika and by the second night we decided to triple the paprika and add a crunchy sea salt on top. Our guests really liked this version. So here is our menu and the DNA (Origins and inspirations) behind our choices.

Courses DNA description
Cremini and porcini risotto with Grilled cream corn, topped with Fines herb crab & avocado salad and beet micro greens
Saginaw Pinot Gris
risotto We do a light risotto using Cremini mushroom stock and a little porcini powder finish. Usually we add grilled summer corn and vegetables in the summer, but settled on keeping the grilled corn separate as a light version of creamed corn. We stack the risotto topped with the chilled fresh crab & fines herb with a dollop of avocado cream. Topped with crisp microgreens for texture and a raw component we surround it all with the creamed grilled corn. The wine has crisp, grapefruit tones and mellows only slightly under the creaminess of the corn, avocado, and risotto!
Hot Smoked Salmon with Cannellini bean gratin, Basil pepito pesto, microgreens

Highway 12 Syrah

salmon The inspiration for serving the smoked salmon as a hot portion comes from the staff who wait like vultures to taste the salmon when it comes out of the smoker when Bob makes his salmon chowder. Sure enough, it tastes great as a full serving of lightly smoked brined fish! The basil pesto gives a little confusion to the tongue-confused but we know we like it. We are serving with a cannelloni bean casserole-with a crusty lemon zested parmesan topping. The wine fills in the spicy component this entree needs.
Pan Seared Duck Breast with Creamy polenta & Roquefort cheese. New crop Apple-Fennel Salad and Bob’s bread
Zerba Wild Z Blend
duck Braised duck can be quite heavy and therefore usually reserved for the cooler months. We lightened it up by using fresh tomatoes and early sweet onions. This is an easy preparation to serve to a summer crowd-once prepared, just reheat and serve, getting even better second day. The wine brings complexities that round out the dish.
Stone fruit upside-down almond cake with Amaretto cream & Salted smoky paprika almond brittle
Caffe Umbria Decaf
plates1 The almond cake recipe is a favorite here-easy and can be used with almost any fruit. Here we choose stone fruit because they are fresh such a short time and now is the time. The fruit this week is very tart and really needs the sweetened cream for balance. And the brittle is just the perfect crunch. If you need a coffee taste to top off this meal, enjoy a cup of the Portland roaster’s Caffe Umbria Decaf!

chad2This summer we have another super culinary intern, Chad Karver. He has already finished his internship with WESTERN CULINARY in Portland, but is staying on with EVOO through the summer to keep learning. He will graduate in October. We have enjoyed getting to know Chad and his quiet quick sense of humor and steady even keel work ethic. He is easy going and a clean slate when it comes to culinary experience so everything is of high interest to him. You know when someone is learning by the intensity they practice it. And practice is what Chad does on his family on his days off. Family and friends know wherever Chad goes there will be good food. Chad is single, an avid snow boarder and tennis player. Chad explored careers in landscaping and coaching tennis before he realized his passion for food. We think owning a place of his own is definitely within his grasp. Thanks, Chad, for all you are doing for EVOO. May you enjoy many more hours at the stove making people happy with your culinary offerings. We will follow your career with great interest and enthusiasm.

That is it for now. Thank you for following EVOO Cannon Beach! We are proud to be serving you in our fifth year of business.

Warm summer regards,
Bob and Lenore


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Your personal chefs,
Bob & Lenore