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December 2009

December 2009

Our Halloween Party was so much fun that we decided to do it again next year! Forty-five guests gathered in our store and around the stove and ate until they could eat no more! Read all about it in Bob’s blog, “Marathon Behind My Stove.”

The weather this Sept and October provided extra incentive to come to the beach! We met lots of new guests and enjoyed the sunny days. The weather made its dramatic switch about the third week in November, complete with power outage and thunder storms. We were in sunny California when it hit enjoying a short family vacation. So we picked it right—wish we could pick the lottery like that.

A brief pictorial of our trip: Bob & our friend Maggie are loaded down after shopping the organic Farmers Market in Palm Springs. And yes, she is carrying cut flowers among the vegetables and fruits. We saw lots of dates and figs, local farmstead cheeses and beautiful wine grape juice, fresh raisins and even fruits that were completely new to us. We used restraint since we were only there for two days, so get cooking, Bob!

canistellfruitWe discovered a new fruit, at least to us, called, “ Yellow Sapote” from Mexico, also known as Canistell or “egg-fruit.” It is sweet and has a dry interior resembling hard cooked yolks, and its flavor reminded us of avocado, so Bob used it the same way he might use avocado the next day in our breakfast salad of watermelon and sapote.

And we drank mimosas made with fresh picked tangerines—so good. Bob climbed the trees to hand picked them, while the rest of us shook the trees and picked them off the ground!

See the Canistell or “egg-fruit” Read Bob’s blog “Found some inspiration on vacation” for more info

Happy Holidays!
The holiday season started for us with a full house THANKSGIVING weekend. In fact, we served 26-seated guests one evening—a record for us. We were very organized (more than usual) and the class ended right on time! Thanksgiving is always the best holiday for us because it is so food, friend & family centered—the shopping doesn’t start till next day, and neither does decorating. We love that everyone just stays home and enjoys each other’s company. Now days, we have new friends & family with the many guests who come to the beach to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year we enjoyed houseguests, too, our former Seattle neighbors in the Mt Baker area, Tyson and Rick. We have missed them and are very thankful they came. Other thankful thoughts included the celebration of EVOO’s 5th anniversary in August, the many guests who have already signed up for ENCORE club, and that we are still doing what we love in a place we want to be with folks who enjoy well prepared local food & wine served up with EVOO hospitality. Life is good.

From our family to yours, may the holiday spirit be with you all year.
Bob and Lenore
Olivia and Taylor



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Your personal chefs,
Bob & Lenore