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February 2009

february 2009 newsletter

Hi Everyone!

The weather is improving, the days are getting longer, and we are cooking, so come on out to the beach! It is time to reveal our 2009 schedule, which is almost completely up on line by now. Click here for what is IN, what is OUT, and what STAYS the same in 2009!

OUT IS “Small plates with Wines” but not entirely. We have simply changed its name! After hearing so many of the same sentiments expressed that our Small plates are not SMALL and that nobody knows it is a dinner class, we started to think of a new name for the class.

IN IS THE DINNER SHOW, named because so many of you told us being in our class is like being at a food network show. We have kept the format the same as Small Plates: three delicious stand alone entrees each paired with its own wine, ending with one of our great desserts. And the cost is the same too. Oh and this season we are adding coffee at a self-serve station after THE DINNER SHOW classes. It is Caffe Umbria Arco Entrusco from the roasters in Portland (owners formerly of Torrefazione-Seattle). You can take it in a china cup or to go! We hope to introduce you to this old Italian tradition.

OUT are the revolving 101 classes on Sunday yielding way to special brunch celebrations and the opportunity for you to design your customized class for just your family or group.

IN is your opportunity to BOOK A PRIVATE EVENT just for your event, family or group. It is easy as selecting from our catalog of classes and choosing the date.

NEW is our FAMILY BREAKFAST 101 class which is scheduled only during SPRING BREAK, so we might encourage families to cook together at our breakfast class. It is only partially hands-on but a complete breakfast that even a 7 year old can successfully do. Look for these during Oregon and Washington Spring break weeks. MARCH 22, 23 and APRIL 5, 6)

Here to STAY is our FAMILY MEAL LUNCH for the second season. It is the best hot meal at lunch in town and is served Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in June and every weekday during July and August at 1:00, first come first serve. We are not allowing pre-selling and we will serve only on-premise this time (no more carry out)!

A little history: our Family meal for our staff has been around since we opened, August 04, but it was only last summer that we opened it up to the public. Our thinking was that our friends in town who are also working and who eat lunch out would maybe join us so we’d see them more often. So we set the price low and opened it to the public. Somehow the Oregonian wrote about it and we actually had lines waiting for 1:00 so the visitors could partake! Don’t get us wrong, we loved the publicity but it came with some bumps, which this year we have worked out.

Still the price is low. For as little as $8 to $11 you get a hot lunch and a cup of coffee and eat with the chefs. Last year our menus centered on comfort foods until Lenore and Bob became competitive. You see Lenore claimed to having more customers when she was on than when Bob was. Soon Bob was serving ribs and barbeque beef on his days. Lenore felt it was an unfair advantage since he wrote the menus! It all ended well with customers enjoying the “fruits” from the competitive battle.

ALSO STAYING is our SOUS CHEF OF THE DAY (SOD), the opportunity where we offer to anyone who wants to take their skills and experience up a notch or two. We offer this any day of the month as long as it coincides with plenty of prep to do. You work right along with the crew, one on one, making whatever is on the prep list for the day. You eat family meal with us, take a brief break before dinner and come back to help with the finishing and plating of dinner. If you like, your spouse or friend may sign up for the meal you helped to create. And if you prefer, you may purchase a spot in the dinner class and sit back and enjoy the class like everyone else. It is $125/day and if you decide to sit and relax for dinner, add $65, saving $24 on the evening’s meal.

BACK AGAIN MARKET DINNERS! We now are offering them every Tuesday during market season (Jun-Sep). The format is a prix fixe plated three-course meal with a great starter, full entrée, and fabulous dessert; served with one glass of Oregon wine with the opportunity to purchase more. Our goal is to use as many items from the market as we can and to demonstrate how to cook with whole foods, while enjoying the community of dining with new and old friends. You get the full experience for $59 and we donate 5% of all proceeds for the night to the market. Last year with only four of these dinners we were able to contribute over $400 to the Market fund.

Happy Birthday Bob
Happy Birthday Bob

click here for complete schedule


UPDATE on the
We are gratified that the market of last season was so well received and more than ever we feel the market will continue this season to nurture the ideals of seasonality and sustainability and support for our state’s farms and artisan growers. It is especially important to bring the most nutritious foods our money can buy to the tables of our families and community and thereby help to maintain our safe, productive, and environmentally conscientious food shed.

NEW to the CBFM this season is a featured RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK, (ROW). This is open to the restaurants of the local community that wish to sell hand held immediate consumption foods at the market. Our goal is to give the many market customers what they asked for last year — foods to call lunch so they can shop on their lunch break. We hope that the ROW works to give do just that, while at the same time, show case one restaurant at a time and increase that restaurant’s customer base through market exposure. There are many hoops to jump through starting with the health department and fees to pay for each market but hopefully there will be a good variety of restaurants who apply. We are planning to apply and hope to make new friends. Our menu should be similar to our Family Meals, Bob says, and he will choose the most popular while showcasing the market products. Your suggestions are welcome as always.

The Children’s Center & Preschool is sponsoring a WINE & ART TOUR in town on Sat. Feb 14, 2009. We are on the tour! Come to EVOO if you have a ticket and participate in our drawing for a two for one class at EVOO and other prizes. Sign up for the wine tour by calling CHILDREN’S CENTER, 503.436.1040, or stop by the Coaster Theater on Saturday.

In this year of uncertainty, what we do know for sure and depend upon is our passion to deliver the best we can be with respectful appreciation for the opportunity to do so.

Thank you all for your support and friendship.

Bob and Lenore

STAYING is ARTISAN BREADS. $75 Look for these classes scheduled on Saturdays, as preferred by our customers for this our most popular hands-on class. Curriculum is the same but the lunch is served with wine. After baking all morning you deserve a great lunch with your freshly made breads!

STAYING is our CULINARY ARTS FUNDAMENTALS for $125 per day. This is the opportunity to become familiar with all the basic cooking techniques (sauté, braise, bake, fry, deep fry, stew) and all the basic baking techniques for pastry, quick breads, yeast breads, etc. We require at least 6 students for these intensive culinary classes. You and class participants may influence the curriculum. We are open to all ideas and will design a class to match your needs. We need to have the dates and a couple students to start, and we will promote the class until we get our required enrollment. Just call Bob at 503-436-8444 so we can get this in the works! (Michele, Jocelyn!)


Feb 13 & 14, 2009 Valentine’s Day,




Fri Jun 22, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00

ARTISAN BREAD MAKING for beginners and experienced

Sat Jun 23, 2018: 9:00 - 1:30 PM $125


Sat Jun 23, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00

JUNE DINNER SHOW It's a Restaurant POP-UP!

Tue Jun 26, 2018: 6:00 - 9:00 PM $85.00**


Wed Jun 27, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00


Fri Jun 29, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00


Sat Jun 30, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00

Your personal chefs,
Bob & Lenore