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July 2008

summer 2008 newsletter

Our DINNER PARTY menus have been well received! This is a boxed dinner party menu that will make your guests think you used a caterer; it includes all recipes, a shopping list and prep schedule. You learn to pair the wines like a pro. Dinner party menus run all month like a restaurant menu. Substitutions are made for allergies and special needs. Menus are seasonal and subject to changes based upon product availability.

July Dinner Party
Sat Jul 12 6:00-8:30pm
Fri Jul 18 7:00—9:30 PM
Sat Jul 19 6:00—8:30 PM
Fri Jul 25 7:00—9:30 PM
Sat Jul 26 7:00—9:30 PM

Curried Leek & Potato Bisque with Mint Sorbet
Peach Hazelnut Chutney & Floating Potato chips

Deconstructed Paella with cold water Sea scallops and Wild shrimp, saffron and Andalusian pepper Risotto Cakes with Chorizo Romesco & Tomato Vinaigrette


Galette of Wild Foraged Mushrooms & Goat Cheese with Lavender Pollen Balsamic Onion garlic Relish, Baby greens salad, Zested citrus dressing

Chive Encrusted Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Chive oil
Corn with Heritage Pancetta; Olive Corn Bell pepper Tamale Grilled Lemon and Garlic Artichoke Green Onion Aioli

Coriander Pots De Crème
Orange Cardamom Ice cream Profiteroles
Brandy Spiked Berries
Bittersweet chocolate sauce

MARKET DINNERS are $50 ($5 goes back to the market) July 8, Aug 12, Sep16 7PM
A family style dinner truly created to showcase the pick of the farms from that day’s Farmers Market. You may buy wine from our shop, or bring your own without corkage fee—this night only. All the while you are supporting this community’s first farmers market.

Here are the daytime Wednesday classes:

SEAFOOD 101 $65 July 23, Aug 13, 9-2, are featuring hands-on participation culminating in a great menu for lunch. Here’s the menu:
Oysters on the Half Shell with Fresh Horseradish-Tomato Salsa; Classic Caesar Salad with Anchovy; Crusty Bread and Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Pacific Cioppino
Mussels, Clams, Crab and Sole in a Saffron Court Bouillon; Flash Seared Calamari with Garlic and Lemon

ARTISAN BREADS $65, July 30, Aug 27, 9-1:30, where you discover the difference a sour starter makes, ending in a big Greek salad with Grilled chicken lunch and all your freshly baked breads and rolls.

TASTING ITALY $65, July 9, Aug 6, 9-1:30. You rediscover the regions of Italy through foods and lore. Semi-hands-on participation required. The menu: Antipasti of Mushroom, Tomato Ragout with Green Olive Tapenade, Crostini, Grilled Eggplant & Coppocola; Roasted Peppers and Fresh pulled Mozzarella; Fennel and Arbequina Olive oil, Cracked Pepper; Hand made Linguini with fresh anchovy, Garlic and Tomato; Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Hot Italian Sausage; Fresh fruit Zabaglione with Amaretti cookie crumbs

BRUNCH 101 a semi-hands on class focusing on the versatile egg! We do all the sides and you make your own “eggs as you like ‘em.” Jul 13, 20, 27, Aug 3, Aug 10, Aug 24, 11-1:30 PM. Every menu is different, so you can come often! Here’s a sample menu: Italian Zeppole (fried profiteroles-dipped powdered sugar); Black bean ratatouille burrito; eggs as you like ’em; Strawberry-orange salad with balsamic vinaigrette

click here for complete schedule


Here’s a quick progress update for a couple items. One, our cookbook project has been pushed up a bit, buying both the publisher and us some time, but to be sure we are very happy it is moving forward. The renovated studio project of last winter turned out very well and we have had two interns so far using it, in exchange for their youthful enthusiasm and some very appreciated labor. Our first intern to use the new studio was Wendi Noon, Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, who has now graduated, but promise to keep in touch, and until the end of summer, Liz Faw, from OCI, is here four long days a week, and we are very pleased with her work.

Some of you know we have implemented an open door on our daily staff meal, called FAMILY MEAL. That is to say we have invite the public to join us on a first come first serve basis while it lasts daily starting at 1 o’clock. It is priced right for local shop workers in hopes we’d see them more often, and we have! Some say the lunches remind them of the old “blue-plate specials” because they are hot, comforting, and reasonable.

The FRESH MENU has taken off too, and provides us with a bitter sweet success story. It is best told with a bit of background. This winter was long and cold and with a very slow to start spring, we had time to dream up ways to bring in more business. We decided to run the fresh menu just for summer, without adding any additional cooks. About the same time our catering schedule began to pick up, and we now are feeling the pressure of one less employee. So we are calling “uncle” on the static lunch menu of soups and salads, while keeping our FAMILY MEAL, wines, cheeses, and bakery breads and cookies. It was very gratifying to hear our customers sometimes “raving” reviews of Bob’s chowder, chili and Caesar salads, and since those are no longer available on the static menu, we can now add them to FAMILY MEAL so for sure one way or another they will be back.

We continue to feel blessed and extremely happy to be working and living in this great little community. We enjoy that everyone we know loves coming here, and though we have not much discretionary time in the summer, we still have to eat and always have plenty of food to celebrate friendships.

Bob and Lenore

NW WOMENS SURF CAMP RETREATFor the second summer, EVOO is providing three organic meals per day to the NW WOMENS SURF CAMP RETREAT WEEKS in July and August. This is an opportunity for you to enjoy a week of retreat—something very different and rewarding. How many times can pamper yourself while getting plenty of exercise and the right kinds of food. Just for our EVOO customers, the director of Surf Camp, Lexie Hallahan, is extending to you the special “Final Boarding Price” of $1595, instead of the last minute price of $1995. Here is a clip from the SURF CAMP retreat brochure:

“Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Pacific NW Coast with women who share your passion and desire to learn to surf! Daily surf camps, morning beach yoga, relaxing apres’ surf massages, fun evening activities, new friendships and a connection with Nature. Delight in delectable, organic NW cuisine prepared by Chef Bob Neroni of EVOO Culinary School. Mid week he’ll wine and dine us at EVOO Culinary School, for a special dinner seating.”

For Retreat Details, visit their website:
Contact: Director Lexie Hallahan # (503) 440 5782 for availability.



Fri Apr 20, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00


Sat Apr 21, 2018: 11:30 - 1:45 PM $89


Sat Apr 21, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00


Thu Apr 26, 2018: 6:00 - 9:30 PM $149.00


Fri Apr 27, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00

APRIL DINNER SHOW This is a private party!

Sat Apr 28, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00


Sun Apr 29, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00

Your personal chefs,
Bob & Lenore