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WINTER 2013-Sweet and Savory Holiday Wishes To You!

There is nothing like the smell of turkey roasting to get us revved up about the holidays! This Thanksgiving was that, a glorious start and as always a reminder that we have so much for which to be grateful. So taking stock, we are so grateful that we are in our tenth year, and so many of you are the reason. So we are dubbing this our the first decade year, and we want everyone to celebrate with us. More about that to come.

One way we celebrate the season of giving is by volunteering for the annual CCA gala event. Each December we worked with the chefs at the WAYFARER restaurant to put on a gala dinner event in the ballroom to raise funding for the regional food bank that serves the north coast. On DEC 6 2013 the event took place and the best part is that the majority of the money raised goes toward CCA services for the coming year! Besides the guests who bought tickets and donated to the auction, this event takes the behind the scene efforts, large and small, of a whole bunch of volunteers. It only works because of the generous folks who live and work in our community. Click to check out the volunteers who came to EVOO and did a large portion of our food prep. Their knife skills certainly improved over the course of a couple days!

See our shout outs for more of our grateful musings.



Hot Topics

Blue Sky Sea Salt is almost on our shelves! Look for it in February.  We are happy that Dr. Philip Harding of OSU would like us to submit our salt project to his senior engineers  again this coming year so that they can continue proving that a sustainable Pacific sea salt product is possible.

SLOGAN CONTEST WINNERS! You know the saying, be careful what you wish for? We experienced an over the top response, with so many award winning entries that we are awarding more than one prize! We just plain couldn't choose just one. Our goal is to use the winning entries throughout the celebration of this our first decade year!  See shout outs for the winners.

More EVOO Biz

At a recent dinner show a guest said he was a "culinary-voyeur," meaning one who just likes to watch cooking. Previously we had heard that nowadays more time is spent watching network cooking shows than actually cooking.  However, it is also a great time to be a true "FOODIE!"  You know those who cook, talk about food, plan the next meal before the current one is done! EVOO has something for ALL culinary types!

As we see it there are three sub groups who fit the FOODIE title:the recipe-dependent;  the culinary-confident; and those who do the dishes just to have a great meal. Head for our BACKSTAGE on our website if any of these descriptors match you.

For the recipe-dependent we suggest the CULINARY BASICS SERIES. This one meets you where you are on your own journey and takes you as far as possible each day of this four day, six hour a day, series. Yes, that is 24 hours of almost one-on-one skill building and recipe weaning!

For anyone who is ready to cross over from pot scrubber to cook, we encourage your participation in CULINARY BASICS and ARTISAN BREAD MAKING. You see, there are no pre requisites required, no previous experience needed; just bring in your desire to learn and we will make that happen. And artisan bread making is a great way to cross over from voyeur to participant, too.

Next for the culinary confident, we believe you are ready to join Bob and team for a full day of food prep before the dinner show. Become our SOUS CHEF FOR A DAY! You help with all the behind the scenes tasks that get us ready for the show. You do lots of prepping so recipes may be finished at the show. Look at this experience as a good way to set yourself up for success at your next dinner party. As SOD you will learn ways to streamline last minute tasks and make short work of the actual prep required to put dinner on the table at home.

And lastly, the Culinary-Voyeurs who like it that way! Our monthly dinner shows are just right for you, but be advised your might fall prey to inspiration to pick up a knife or pot, and the next thing you know, you are signing up for one of our hands-on classes!

And as for the scheduled Dinner Shows format, remember there is something that everyone can learn by watching! So keep watching our Dinner Shows and feel free to join us BACKSTAGE when you want to get your hands dirty.



Fri Apr 20, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00


Sat Apr 21, 2018: 11:30 - 1:45 PM $89


Sat Apr 21, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00

LUNCH SHOW 2018 Admin Professionals Day!

Wed Apr 25, 2018: 11:30 - 1:45 PM $79.00


Thu Apr 26, 2018: 6:00 - 9:30 PM $149.00


Fri Apr 27, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00

APRIL DINNER SHOW This is a private party!

Sat Apr 28, 2018: 6:00 - 9:15 PM $149.00

Shout Outs and Thank You's

  • We are grateful for our incredible culinary staff who keep making us better. We had two teams this summer: Sun Tue Wed was Kate and Esther; Thu Fri Sat our team is still Florencio and Eduardo.
  • We loved welcoming Linda  back to EVOO to help us through our summer and while we were touring in Italy. Linda started with us in 2004, being very involved with the start up, she even helped pick the paint and make a lot of the early decisions.
  • We are always so grateful for the farmers, fishers, ranchers, and artisan produces of fine cheeses who live and work in our 100 mile radius so we benefit with the freshest and best quality ingredients that make our menus the best they can be!
  • Congratulations to the Slogan Contest winners for the best entry that finished the sentence, "EVOO is.... " Thanks to our winners: Grant & Inger Coffey; Lanette Smith; A. Mennitt; Richard & Rebecca Duncan; Lynnette Wilkstrom; Mike Righter; D. Banning; Joy Ness. Here, in no particular order are the favorite entries:
    "EVOO is....
      • nourishment for the soul (l.wikstrom)
      • food, fun, friends, family --it's more than olive oil! (d.banning)
      • where all your culinary senses become ONE! (r.duncan)
      • the art and flavor of feasting (l.smith)
      • making cooking-as easy as eating (j.ness)
      • the artistry, the aroma, the sipping, the tasting, the learning, the laughing! (g&i.coffey)
      • enlightened epicurean entertainment! (a &m.righter)

And now to all of you, we send our best sweet and savory holiday wishes!
May you enjoy many special moments of the season, create memorable meals to share with family and friends in the New Year,  and, of course, we wish for your return to our table in 2014, our first decade year, for another EVOO experience of epicurean entertainment.

Your personal chefs,
Bob & Lenore

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