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June 1st, we launched our remolded website. Our goal was to simplify. I guess we won’t know for sure until more of our guests have a chance to use it, but from Lenore’s perspective, if it is as easy for our user as it is for her to update it, we accomplished our goal. By emphasizing our mainstay, THE DINNER SHOW,  first time users can find a show quickly that corresponds to the date(s) they’ll be in town. Our guest survey revealed that hands-on classes are searched out after first coming to the dinner show, so we put all of those “backstage,” as if to say, go backstage with our crew to get your hands dirty.

If you are back to check out the pictures taken during your show, our gallery lives in the ABOUT navigation button.  And if you are back to try one of the recipes you had while at the show, BOB & LENORE’S COOKBOOK is on the right hand side of home page.

The cookbook features new chapters and the most visual changes. All of the chapters are titled for their place in the Mediterranean food pyramid. Odd that it sounds, we do use at least 80 % Northwest ingredients, but we follow the healthy Mediterranean cuisines in our menu planning. Our chapters are listed in order of dominance for balance in a healthy eating style. First we list the chapter on grains, followed by vegetables and fruits, legumes, and beans, followed by fish and so forth to the items which we use more moderately.

Two new chapters in our cookbook are TECHNIQUES & METHODS  and INGREDIENTS, where you’ll find lists of “how-to-dos” we frequently speak about during our shows. We are able to explained a bit more in depth in these new chapters than in the recipe itself.  For example, you can review how to choose a wine that matches with the other ingredients on the menu. You can find out about keeping foods safe from food borne illness and proper cooking temperatures.  And down the line, we will be adding quick videos capturing techniques and methods we do before our guests arrive.

We invite you to explore and give feedback, but do give Lenore time for learning curve and to catch up with some of the changes that didn’t transfer well. Gallery pictures,  for example, are now under the ABOUT nav-button, and some of the pictures are just too small for this new format. Some of the groups didn’t transfer well either and we may need to actually start over.

Just a quick word of appreciation for our web designers, Jonathan & Amy, Grow-Creative, for this re-do as well as all they have done the past seven years.