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With two months into the new year, we still have so much to do; things we wanted to have nailed down by now.

#1. Let’s see– our domestic tour to New Orleans. We are going most likely the first week in OCTOBER, and we are very close to finalizing all of our details. Shoot us an email at info@evoo.biz if you have the dates available and want more details.

#2–to pizza oven or not to pizza oven. That dance is finally over. Yes, Bob has finally won and there is a very good possibility this will happen by April of this year. For starters, we have purchased the oven. The important parts were all built in Italy and will need to be assembled and finished once they arrive in the backyard of the school. Looking for handipersons help for that!
#3 is to take a specialty food product to market. We already have our line of spice blends,  and our sea salt, and now we are hoping to add our Blackberry Catsup (Ketchup), as well as Bob’s Tomato Jam. Both products can be made from recipes posted on our website, but for the convenience of us all, these two items will be very useful additions to our pantries.

Bob and Lenore are all about up-scaling the pantry so that we take ordinary staple foods (i.e., rice, beans, pastas) to the next level with some very clean, green and tasty purchased ingredients.

Okay, yes, we have been going to do this for a few years now, but are learning how tough it really is to get foods to market. First to find a local manufacturer to partner with who will honor the recipe and concept is harder than one might think. Price is always a concern–even very good products can be priced out of reach and fail. It does makes sense to be as frugal as we can, but to change from a fresh garlic, for example, to a dehydrated garlic, can potentially derail a successful outcome.

Our plan is to keep the recipe the same as the “homemade” recipe. Happily we have found a co-packer who really cares about his business partners, preferring to help small companies like ours. He is willing to shop for price on our behalf. And he has good suggestions for substitutions that we can taste before deciding. Needless to say, though positive, it’s still time consuming.

 #4-– This year’s Oregon Red and White Chefs Blends are yet to be bottled. It looks like we have a date to do so in April so it should be ready by the time our 2012 runs out. It gets complicated, but we believe we can continue the “Chef’s Blend” brand with the reds for sure. Our current Chef’s Blend 2013 Oregon White is still plentiful enough we can skip a year.