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See a the first flame
Bob keeping good notes while he fires up the oven
Olivia was quite chatty over the new oven

















Yes, finally we are getting closer to being able to use the oven. Being careful not to make any mistakes has taking longer than expected. The last hang up was waiting for help on what the chimney pipe should look like. It was days getting to the decision, another day installing and trimming the apple tree so branches didn’t get close enough to get too hot. Yes, tree branches were trimmed. So sad since is starting to look like best apple season yet for this tree. But better now than after the mature apples weigh it down till they touch the exhaust pipe. Could make for a nice apple sauce.

The first day for lighting the fires in both the oven and grill started early. Bob, Lenore and Olivia went to the back yard, gathered the fire extinguisher, some long handled tools, oven mitts, and something for notes. Have I said yet that we are happy we added a gas starter? We may have been all day instead of the 45 minutes it took to get a good flame on the wood in both apparatuses (or should that be apparati). Anyway, the oven gas jet provided a powerful flame to ignite the smaller pieces of oak inserted near it. Soon the pile was powering itself, so gas shut off, and we moved the pile to the opposite corner.

We then moved to the grill, where the wood is stacked on an iron rack inside the chimney , perched above the gas started. We turned on the gas, and it worked well enough to get the wood above it lit, but everything seemed too slow. About that time our neighbor, Dwight, popped up with a proper way to place the wood for best coverage–his stack was vertical not horizontal and more like the teepee shape we strive for making a beach fire. It worked.

We then realized that our food safety thermometer scanner keep shutting off when the surface reached a temperature it thought was hot enough! It flashed HI, we wanted to know if it was 500 yet.  Dwight again to the rescue–just happened to have an electrical scanner in his truck that demonstrated we were reaching very close to 500F on the grill itself. Just right to cook staff lunch.  A few rib eye steaks and the skilled hands of Florencio and in a few minutes the steak was done.