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EVOO Cooking School
Are you a good cook with some real restaurant experience? Or maybe you have wondered what it would be like to own a restaurant. You know you are a pretty good home cook, yet wish you could work with a chef to learn more? What about continuing your formal culinary education through an externship in Cannon Beach?
If any apply you may be a candidate to join our successful fifteen year business for a summer working internship
Here’s what is required.
1-You must commit to three months, June through August, which are often the best weather months if you are looking for sunshine. You may choose any three month period in our calendar, however number of work hours may decrease outside of summer. You will do a full day or two with our team as part of the application process to make sure it’s a good fit for both you and our team.
2-Our kitchen requires everyone to share the daily chores beyond cooking and serving. You become a working member of the crew and learn the changing menu along with everyone. Your work list will depend upon your experience level for sure, with the expectation that you will grow your skills and learn new techniques, while working on your timing and speed. We ask the same of our permanent team as well.
3-If you bring some previous experience you would qualify to start at greater than minimum wage while you are learning. If you are starting from the beginning in this field, you may qualify for our internship with housing. Our studio is valued at $650 a month and is located in our building, so the commute to work is a flight of stairs! It has a queen size bed and private wash-room; no kitchen beyond a microwave, fridge, and coffee maker. Located downtown and near the beach it is convenient to everything, of course. A room deposit is required, and monthly cleaning service is included. The studio is for single accommodations only, and is a non-smoking facility, as is our building.
4-Here’s what internship experience could mean for you. Since our menus are not static, with many changes, as well as special activities mixed in, such as our wood-fired oven Pizza pop-ups, you have the opportunity to experience a large variety of new recipes and techniques.  You will learn the organizational details and standards that a successful food business must embrace in order to remain profitable and grow a loyal clientele. If you have an interest in the wine side of the business, you have a great opportunity to grow, since our wine list also is not static and continues to evolve with new menus.
5-If you are a good communicator, organized, enjoy the principles of farm to table and sustainability, can work in an open kitchen, in full view of our customers, and can commit to pristine food safety, disciplined creativity, and high standards of hospitality, you will fit right in. If you can bounce from kitchen leader to kitchen technician, cook to pot washer, then you may want to join us here in coastal Oregon for an unforgettable immersion into a delicious experience.
LET’S TALK… We want this to work on both sides, so let’s get to know each other to insure its a good fit for both. Call Chef Bob at 503-436-8555.