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CHEF BOB’S 2nd FRESH BOX with recipe links

Since we had so much success with our first FRESH BOX of CSA veggies as well as some prepared food choices, we are back with our second box. This time we are including some recipes of items you can make with the foods in the box. Or if you wish to make your own versions of our suggested menu items you can make them yourself. Be sure to share what you make and your success!

First up, we are suggesting a nice Pico de Gallo since Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. Pico de Gallo Pico de Gallo (Fresh Tomato Salsa)

We have one of our staff’s favorite recipes that Bob makes. It is baked black beans to go with the tamales that are offered this time Black Beans, Smoked and Spicy

Here is the Tamale recipe for those who taste them and wish to make them again. Making your own is a commitment but worth it especially when you make extra for the freezer. Vegetarian Tamale

We are also offering our pulled pork to go with those veggie tamales or to use the pork for soft tacos or sandwiches along with our staffs favorite Mole sauce. Pork Shoulder, Braised (for pulled pork)

Here’s another commitment project–making your own Mole–but you don’t have too, as Bob is making up some batches for you to purchase with this Fresh Box. Chili Pepper Tomato MOLE sauce.

The tamales are good just steamed but here’s another sauce that we enjoy with them. Tomato Salsa (sauce), cooked

Got Tequila on hand? Here’s a nice go-with slaw that you can make with this week’s Fresh Box. Apples, Jicama, and that Tequila for the dressing. Recipe: Apple Jicama Slaw with Tequila Lime vinaigrette If you have not tasted or worked with jicama, we encourage you to do so. The texture crunch it provides is alone worth getting to know it.  And the nutrient impact of this interesting starchy vegetable, also known as the Mexican potato, is impressive. You can enjoy it more often than potatoes if you are watching carbs and will benefit from its high fiber, iron, and Vitamin C!

It’s Oregon Pink shrimp season and so we are including it. Remember these are always pre-cooked, but not frozen yet so it makes for a great salad or as we recommend with the attached recipe, Avocado toast. You will have an avocado in this box  and just need to add Bob’s country loaf and a pound of Or Pink Shrimp. Oregon Pink Shrimp Avocado Toast

Prefer, Fish, enjoy the RED ROCKFISH in to order to make this recipe. Lemon Marinated Red Rockfish with pickled corn

Another product that Bob is making to add on to your fresh box is CUBAN FLAT BREAD. If you didn’t order it you may wish to make it yourself. Click the link!