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Take your cooking all over the world with Chef Bob’s Spice Blends
Chef Bob has been making his own spice blends most of his cooking career.  For Bob, it wasn’t that he didn’t like what was on the market—it was more about the amount of salt that comes with most spice blends. The one that really got him started making up his own blends was the OLD BAY SEASONING blend that he was using back in Washington DC cooking Chesapeake Bay seafood on Capitol Hill. He found that the more old bay he added to the dish the saltier it became. So to get the amount of heat he wanted without extra salt, he made a version with the same spice profile, and has been doing that ever since. EVOO customers urged chef to package and are the reason the spices are available to the public.

Prices: $9.95/bag plus Shipping and Handling