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Aug 21,2019
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Lunch Show guests enjoy chef’s dishes that reflect seasonal, local ingredients done with the same passion, educational enlightenment as the dinners, and always with at-home mealtimes in mind. Dishes are not over manipulated and take advantage of a well-stocked pantry.    Chef Bob’s choice of wine comes with the lunch; and beer or non-alcoholic alternatives are available as well as are
coffee and North Fork iced tea to replace the wine choice.

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Sat Jun 22 11:30-1:30
LUNCH $89.00 (with Chef’s wine choice)
 1-Buttermilk fried boneless chicken, red-eye gravy, new red potatoes with sugar snap peas
2-Lettuce wedge salad with bacon bleu buttermilk dressing with Oregon shrimp
3-Strawberry cheese cake pie with chocolate almond crumb crust

Sat Jul 6, Thu Jul 11, Sat Jul 13
LUNCH $89.00 (with Chef’s wine choice)

-Smoked salmon chowder; flatbread of herbed goat cheese, olive oil, shaved onion, fried capers
2-Pulled splayed roasted chicken on brioche bun with savoy, apple, jicama slaw, pickled radish
3-Cherry angel roll with lemon basil  sorbet, almond brittle

Thu Jul 18, Sat Jul 20, Thu Jul 25, Sat Jul 27
LUNCH $89.00 (with chef’s wine choice)
Chilled melon soup with housemade yogurt and mint with cheesy grissini
Brandywine  pork ribs; black and blue everything sauce; potato salad

Nanaimo bars with strawberry milkshakes

Thu Aug 1, Sat Aug 3, Wed Aug 7, Sat Aug 10, Thu Aug 15, Sat Aug 17
LUNCH $89.00 (with chef’s wine choice) 11:30-1:30
 1-Grilled fresh corn, pepper, cucumber, kale radicchio and grilled peaches salad
2-Pulled duck meat, manchego cheese, duck sausage, icicle radishes, salad turnips, green onion wrapped into a large flour tortilla or lahvosh and pan-fried in duck fat for crispy warm vessel
3-Citrus bars with candied zest and fresh blue berries

Wed Aug 21, Sat Aug 24, Thu Aug 29, Sat Aug 31

LUNCH $89.00 (with chef’s wine choice) 11:30-1:30
Kale, pistachio, currant stuffed pork loin; roasted fennel onion and carrots;
herb roasted cherries
2-Watermelon, cucumber feta salad
3-Lemon sorbet blackberry sundae;  Chocolate shortbread


Saturday Sep 7,
Sunday, Sep 8 12:00 –  2:30 PRIVATE for Tuscany Tour Guests only!
Saturdays Sep 14,  Sep 21

LUNCH n/c (chef’s wine included) 11:30-1:30
1-Ribolitta – Tuscan bean soup, kale, zucchini and toasted pane Pugliese drizzled with EVOO
2- Tuscan style basil lasagne served with meatball, fresh cherry tomato sauce
3-Fresh figs, blackberries, ricotta cheese; warm zabaglione; hazelnut brittle

 Saturday, Mar 9,  23,  30, 11:30– $89.00(beverages additional)
1-Fresh Dungeness crab atop frisee endive radicchio salad with warm brie dressing; fennel-red beet slaw; apple butter on toasted crostini with pepita
2-Fried local lemon chicken breast scaloppini atop grilled polenta and first of spring asparagus with prosciutto
3-30 Sides change to “fondant bone broth potatoes” to replace polenta

3-9, 3-23 -AZ easy citrus tarts with toasted meringue and candied salted pistachio
3-30-dessert change to GF Lemon olive oil cake with toasted meringue, “nice-cream” and candied pecans

EASTER SUPPER $89.00 (Beverages additional)
Sunday, April 21, 4:00 -6:00

1-Lamb Sheppard’s pie with buttery spring shell peas and cherry tomato jam sauce
2-Big fat Greek salad with grilled lemon shrimp served atop flatbread
3-Rhubarb cherry tarte-tatin with strawberry
Smoked salmon chowder; flatbread of herbed goat cheese, olive oil, shaved onion, fried capers
2-Pulled splayed roasted chicken on brioche bun with savoy, apple, jicama slaw, pickled radish
3-Cherry angel roll with lemon basil  sorbet, almond brittle












TO BOOK: Call 1-877-436-EVOO (3866)
and speak with an EVOO representative.

All reservations require payment in full at time of booking and all sales are final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a gift certificate to give someone an EVOO experience?

Yes, at this time we offer gift certificates only at the holidays. And these are only good for the coming (next) year,  applied toward scheduled Dinner Shows, classes or other experiences, not merchandise. They come in increments of $50, $100, to $300. We are always grateful when our guests want to share an EVOO experience. Frequently, guests invite friends or family to come to an experience together, and of course, they pick up the tab. If you cannot coordinate such a visit but still wish to "treat" your friends and family, you may purchase the HOLIDAY gift offer, which starts mid-November until the end of each year. See sample of 2018 gift certificate below.

Are you a restaurant?

YES! EVOO offers unique recreational cooking and dining experiences from hands-on cooking classes to interactive demonstration dinner shows. At all experiences, participants are treated to a full meal.

Why must I pay in advance for reservations at EVOO?

Each of our experiences are price fixed and our ingredient purchases are precise for the number of guests and the menu we are making. And if we have a "no-shows " party, we do not have a convenient way to re-purpose the fresh ingredients our chef carefully purchased from our local farmers, fishers, and ranchers. For some dates we keep a wait list, but a no-show on the night of a reservation doesn't give us enough time to fill in with a waitlisted guest. We appreciate our guest's understanding that this is a necessary and reasonable practice given the circumstances of our events.

Is tip included?

Service tips are not included in our dinner/class pricing. If so inclined your monetary recognition of their professional performance is always appreciated. You may leave cash at the table or when you purchase goods in our store after the dinner, on you credit card.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you have to cancel for any reason you may sell your tickets or give them away. We do not issue refunds for cancellations. We do understand that emergencies occur. If you cannot transfer ownership to someone else, please let us know and we will try to sell your tickets on your behalf. If we do, you may register your attendance on another date, depending upon availability, and such reservations cannot be extended a second time.

Can you recommend lodging?

We recommend you secure lodging before you buy your tickets to our show just in the rare circumstance you do not find lodging for the dates you desire. If you need help with lodging you may go to these websites: Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals for a Cannon Beach bungalow Chamber of Commerce website  at www.cannonbeach.org  

Guide to Cannon Beach at www.cannon-beach.net


May we bring our own wine to a dinner show?

Outside wines at any EVOO experience does not work, because at dinners where the menu is paired to the wines, our pairings are a large part of the experience.  We have many food friendly wines in our store that can be purchased for a la carte menus and experiences that do not include wines. Chef Bob always gives a recommendation for wines that match all of these menus. Beer is also available as are soft natural beverages. Beverages are priced at shelf prices, not wine-list prices.

Why am I asked to give you my food allergies and diet restrictions?

With advance notice, we can make substitutions and alternatives for most common food allergies (i.e. celiac, tree nuts, soy, dairy, etc.); as well as conscientious restrictions such as vegetarian, pescatarian, no pork, etc. Creating these options becomes part of the learning process for everyone attending. In fact, many guests find it interesting how simply adjustments can be made when starting with whole foods and how very close to the original menu item we can make it. Because of the extra time it takes to accommodate these allergies and diet restrictions, we may limit substitutions for preferences or dislikes that are not related to health needs or lifestyle/religious needs. Generally, though, we are able to accommodate diet requests if we have advance notice. All substitutions and alternatives are at the discretion of the chefs. In some instances, our chefs will call you directly before agreeing to accommodate your allergies/restrictions.

Is there an EVOO experience good for somebody who is already a really good cook?

Well, if you get the chance why not let someone else do the cooking? Also really good cooks get their inspiration from cooking shows, magazines and other cooks. And who can say they don't have anything else to learn! Our returning guests generally tell us they always learn something new. Likewise, we always learn from our guests as well. We also get this question from the other side of the coin: "My spouse/partner’s the cook; will I enjoy the dinner shows?" Our answer: Guests who may feel "dragged" along at the very least enjoy their dinner!  Typically though end up really enjoying the show, as well. Besides, they seem to enjoy watching their significant other get into the epicurean enlightenment of the moment. Just relax, while we do all the work! That said, to take your skills to the next level consider our SOUS CHEF OF THE DAY or the INTERNSHIP programs.

What about seating? Should I come early for a good seat?

Please plan to come 15 minutes before the state time of the experience. For most we create a seating chart based on the number and size of the parties that buy tickets for each event, so your seat is reserved. Since we have a small intimate space, we can only fit a certain number of people into each one of our experiences for best results. Therefore, we are unable to give preferential seating to any party or guest based on their preferences. If there is a special need such as wheel chair, hearing or sight impairment, we will make exceptions as best we can. We have many requests for bar seating as well as the high tables behind the bar.  We believe all seats are good seats! NOTE: Parties greater than six often must be split up in deference to our other guests attending. We recommend parties greater than ten reserve the entire date for their private party.  If this is not possible, we may need to limit the size of your group to ten or less and we will not seat such groups together to ensure our remaining guests feel equal at the event.  We also appreciate when large groups reserve their private celebratory actions, such as gift giving and toasting, for after the show.

What about private events?

When groups want a private event, they are required to purchase a minimum of 18-22 seats, depending upon day of the week and time of year. Groups of over 10 must acquire the date of their choice as a private party in most cases, and only if the date of their choice is still available. If their party is less than minimum, the cost to become private is still for the minimum number of  guests. All private events include an additional 18% service fee, and if the menu is customized and/or personalized, additional fees may apply. Please call our reservationist (503-436-8555) to make sure the date you want is available. Chef Bob, personally, will take it from there.  

What other activities do you recommend in Cannon Beach?

Of course, shopping the many quaint shops lining the main street of town is always a favorite activity when in Cannon Beach. Also midtown supports more galleries and shops like Center Diamond.  We also like the History Center, and the Friends of Haystack who support the city's Haystack Awareness program, so be sure to check them out. ` Here are a few of the many places we enjoy:
  1. CB Theatre Always a treat for a very reasonable price!
  2. Galleries of Primary Elements, Northwest By Northwest, Jeffrey Hull Gallery, Ice Fire Glassworks and many more are available almost every day, making our town one of the best art destinations in the US.
  3. NW Women's Surf Camps If you want to learn this invigorating sport, start here. Lexie brings such passion to the art of surfing that you leave with much more than a great day at the beach.
  4. For nostalgic history, follow the S-curves on Hemlock Street south to end of our little town, called Tolovana Park. Here you find "The Lost Art of Nursing Museum." Open Saturdays 1-4 pm, and by appointment; you are guided by Melodie, nurse, proprietor, and curator of this historic, fun and uplifting place.
`And of course if you go to our Chamber of Commerce website you will see lots more activities and things to do in the broader area. A complete guide to CB activities with great photos can be found at Cannon-Beach.net.