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Spring Break brings families to our town. We know it is all about the children, so don’t really expect the families to attend our classes. So today when I saw four teenage girls walk in at 9:00 for the ARTISAN BREAD class, I was wondering if they really understood that this was a 5 hour class. Then their mom came in and made me a bit more comfortable, and finally the last attendee, a customer who had been in before, was the only guy. Nice size class but still wondering if I will keep their attention, I got started. It had not yet occurred to me that this was the day before Easter Sunday. It wasn’t until one of the girls said “happy Easter” to someone that I decided to add a little holiday relevance to the class. We were shaping dinner rolls and cinnamon buns from the sweet roll dough, the very same I use for the Italian (and Greek) style breads for Easter. So I asked one of my cooks to make some eggs and dye them–so we could demonstrate yet another example of what can be done with this versatile dough. RECIPE