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Recipe Testing

Recipe testing can be time consuming but I couldn’t do this job without it. Luckily between Lenore and I we can usually make the time. Lenore made up a batch of dumplings the other day to add to our basic minestrone soup! A little off the mainstream of chicken and dumplings, but  why not. She decided to add some crispy fried prosciutto and some ground dry aged parmesan cheese to the virgin dumpling batter. It really added allot of interest to a minestrone soup without the traditional elbow pasta the way my family makes it. It all started because the local newspaper, Gazette, ask for our take on eating healthy for their annual “Healthy Outlook” edition. So we did the article and included our minestrone soup with these dumplings. Recipes are in our online cookbook. Enjoy!

Minestrone with Prosciutto chive Dumplings