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We are partnering with Enloe Media & Ballasiotes Marketing Communications in Seattle to create a behind-the-scenes, BACK STAGE PASS to EVOO, featuring demonstrations, methods and how-to-doís from our live classes. The idea was inspired by several customers who said they wish they could see what goes on before they get here. They are interested in that pre-work call, ìmise en place.î You should make a DVD that fills in the blanks, they said. So, thanks to Rick Enloe, the producer, and Chris Ballasiotes, the technical guru, we begin production this Sunday, March 19, 2006. We are pretty jazzed!

In addition, there will be a few of what Rick calls ìBî shots, including scenes from our daily life in and about Cannon Beach. Some scenes with our dogs, so you can finally see more than their poodle heads peeking down from our library. And, weíll include some shots shopping locally for products that we use. People ask all the time where do you find such great ingredients. We donít think our classes would inspire anyone to cook if we told you that only restaurants can get great ingredients. No, we actually find great local products. Even our seafood wholesaler, Pacific Seafood, purchases direct from local fisherman, and makes their catch available to everyone.

The DVD will be approximately one hour in length and be broken into chapters (topics) for ease of navigation and use. Following are the chapters we have planned. Not promising they will all be there but it seems these are the topics that seem to need more explanation than we do in class. After a brief introduction, including Sunday nightís class, the DVD will break down into the follow:

Chefís Pantry
Homemade Pasta
Home Curing and Preservation
Artisan Bread

We hope you enjoy watching BACK STAGE PASS to EVOO as much as we enjoy making it. Weíll keep you posted on our progress. Donít hesitate to drop us a email with advice and comments. You can reach us both at info@evoo.biz
Ciao, Lenore & Bob