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First day…………DVD production

Today is our first day of the DVD production. Just when you want to look your best—cameras pointed at us, Lenore woke up before the alarmóreally early and is operating on less sleep than usual and having a bad hair day, as well. And I am feeling the early signs of an adolescent pimple breaking out on my nose. Today, of course, the sun is shining; with all of CB rejoicing, our camera man needs to rig a sun shade for the window to cut the glare!

One of the topics for BACK STAGE is breaking down of a whole fish, and salmon being the most popular in the great Northwest, we ordered one for the occasion. Itís a beauty! Little did we know in the planning stages for this that the price of Salmon would reach a per pound price of $11.50 “wholesale!” Right now and for the next few months, Salmon will be scarce, because about 700 miles of the Columbia River has been closed to commercial fishing. That’s not the worst of it. Here we are sitting on a whole fresh salmon; itís the beginning of the week with no classes until the weekend. Yes, I could freeze it, but fresh is best, even if I didnít just pay a bazillion dollars for it! I could have bought frozen troll caught salmon locally for less than half the price of fresh. Needless to say, turning this fresh stuff into frozen before I use any of it just seems wrong! I called a friend and local chef in town, explained my ìtaleî or is it a fishy ìtail?î Anyway, I asked if he could use it. He can but cannot afford the price I paid, so we struck a deal somewhere in the middle. Iíd rather it be eaten fresh than have to freeze it!

And this is how this first day began.

P/S: As I am finishing this, the grease trap in the dish room has just backed up. For those who donít know what a grease trap isÖÖgood for you! Nuff said.
Ciao, Bob