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Giving Thanks!

This time of year most of us take the opportunity to reflect on the past years events and how the choices we have made have impacted our lives. For me it has been a year of great reward both personally and professionally.

Lenore and I continue to grow in our relationship, able to separate the day-to-day business from our home life. I can tell you that it’s a lot easier when you have been together for 17+ years. Our poodles, Olivia and Taylor have taken to the beach like troopers, although supposedly water dogs, neither really like it and Taylor only goes in if her beloved tennis ball goes in first.

We continue to enjoy the bounties of the coast as well as the good fortune of the farming community of the Willamette. Our resources for local products grow each season and with the help of by chef bud, Will at the Wayfarer (Martin Hospitality – part of the Surf Sand Resort) other farms have expressed interest in coastal deliveries. From a chefs’ perspective Oregon is a culinary paradise.

Lenore and I cannot forget to give thanks to each and every guest who walks through our doors. Our success to date has been largely based upon our return customers and “word of mouth”. We are extremely proud and thankful for the support of our friends and alumni of EVOO. Thank you all – Have a great Thanksgiving!