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New Class Offerings

The tasting class that I wrote about last week has inspired a new series of classes we are calling PANTRY TASTINGS! We are often asked our opinion of a variety of ingredients such as chocolate, sea salts, olive oils, herbs and spices, artisan cheese, and even heirloom tomatoes. So we thought we could focus on one ingredient per session. You get an educational look, along with a very light repast. First up is Wine and Tapas tasting that we have done before; we have scheduled two on the weekend of FATHER’S DAY, both Sat and Sun at 11-12.

Another freshly inspired class we are adding in July and August takes the place of our former “Supper Club.” We are calling it Extreme Suppers, denoting the best of the best as well the most popular from our small plate’s repertoire. The idea comes from customers who are already picking their favorite small plate courses, keeping the portion about the same but adding a seasonal appetizer/salad and a small dessert. One glass of carefully paired wine comes with the meal, with additional wines available from our shelf. The class is shorter, starts earlier, and costs $45. Watch for these little gems on WED and THU nights, 5:45 to 7:15pm.