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Todd is the engineer on this project
Laying concrete to hold the weight of these two monsters
2800 pounds of pieces to our oven and grill

Yes, we are finally putting in the wood fired oven I have always  wanted. It has landed, all 2800 pounds of it in our driveway, now covered to keep dry. It is in multiple pieces and goes together like a puzzle. It comes all the way from Italy via a company in Portland. What a lucky find–we saw the same ovens many places in Italy when we were there. It is not quite the biggest one, but it is large. We decided to put in its companion piece, the wood fired grill. This is the same set up we saw so many places thorough out Italy. The grill will replace our current stainless steel model gas grill, pretty typical of around here. Both new pieces are to be fired by both wood and gas. This way we conserve the wood and time it takes to fire up to the maximum temperatures we need for breads and pizza. In the process of making this all come together, I am journaling to make sure I don’t forget anything; I’ll be posting some photos as I go.

We couldn’t do this without help of a rather knowledgeable builder, and luckily we have secured services of Todd, friend and  owner of his contracting business. The first day of construction he began digging up the place that the concrete will go.