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It is trite but true. Being in business for oneself means there is never enough hours in the day. It means we’re always doing something for the business, and it means we sometimes over commit.

Don’t get me wrong we have never been happier. Our path these past seven plus years has been a steady climb, at times steep, but mostly on the level. We see our growth as a reward that we want to enjoy fully. The progress we have made inspires us to dream some more. What happens is just when we start to coast a little bit, some new idea or project comes along that takes us on a new course; a new road with more learning curves as well as exhilarating high-points as we make traction toward our destination.

All this to say we believe this road we’re on to be the most fulfilling and enjoyable we’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling. We wonder if we’ll know what to do if it ever comes to a dead end and stops being fun.

So what the heck am I talking about? The road less taken? The road to riches? The fork in the road? For sure I am speaking metaphorically; I’m just saying our business is evolving in a way that we never expected. We thought we knew so much about business until we actually had one of our own. We don’t have all the answers and we actually have learned to appreciate not having all the answers. We’d love to find a navigational app that when we plug in our location it tells us where we will wind up if we stay on this road. But for now, we are just making our way down the road we believe we want to go. What doesn’t seem to work, we stop doing; what does work becomes our mainstay, or as my chef head thinks, the main course. The gravy or the frosting is that we can always add gravy or frosting!

What works so far is that every evening we meet new people and about 50% of them have been here before. These people are not just customers to us; we break bread together. We enjoy the nightly affirmation that we get,  so much so that it feels like one gigantic vitamin infusion for our psyche! Our dinner shows are the mainstay of this business. The fact that we are getting involved in this community in a way neither of us has done in the past feels good too. Call it the gravy. And a brand new project getting our attention has been a few years in the making and just now getting some traction–the making of Cannon Beach sea salt; it is definitely the frosting for now.