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Crepes 101 – watching and learning

Around here, we really look forward to Sunday. It rarely feels like the day before a new work week. I like it because it is my day to be in the retail store, while Lenore teaches class.

Based upon the encouragement of people who took Omelets 101, we added Crepes 101, which is taught on alternating Sundays. Participants in these classes receive an interesting starter course and are then shown how to make the entree. Today they are learning Crepes Florentine, with poached eggs and Hollandaise…ooh la la!

I always find it interesting how things from the past find their way back to our dining table. Crepes have been “hot” on-and-off for decades. I can say with fair confidence that Julia Child was probably first to bring them into vogue in this country, and as Lenore commented earlier today, the reason crepes fell out of favor was probably because of the tortilla! What we used to do with crepes we now do with tortillas.

There is something to be said for finishing a weekend of “beach time” with a hearty breakfast, especially if you make it yourself! And just for the romance of it, how about making the old classic, Crepes Suzette, flambe and all? The recipe is below.

Crepe batter:
1  cup AP flour
3 eggs
1 tsp. sugar
tsp salt
1   cup milk
2/3 cup sweet butter, melted
cup cold water
The compound butter for sauce:
2 sticks butter, softened
3 TBS sugar
Zest of 2 oranges
Juice of 2 oranges
1-2 TBS Cognac & Grand Marnier

Method: In blender, place flour, eggs, sugar, salt and half of the milk. Blend by pulsing a few times until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and blend until resembles a thin syrup. Set into refrigerator at least 1 hour or overnight.

To make Sauce: Blend butter, sugar, orange zest & juice in blender or mixing bowl. Roll into a log wrapped in parchment. Chill thoroughly or freeze.

To assemble the Suzettes: Melt 1 TBS /serving of the compound butter-sauce in a medium hot skillet. Using fork and spoon, turn crepes in sauce one at a time to coat, then fold into fourths nice brown side showing. When all crepes are coated, pour 1-2 TBS of both cognac and Grand Marnier on top of the crepes. Carefully ignite, keeping head back from flame. Serve on warm plates with some sauce. Repeat until all servings are made.