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Feast of the Seven Fishes 2011

I have just watch the Feast of Fishes on the food network for the second year. It is a Bobby Flay Throw-down repeat. I have already prepared and posted our menu for this year, but now I am wondering if I should make a couple changes. Cod cakes are on our menu. Bobby Flay did them too, and sauced them with clams and lobster. As good as that sounds, the judges actually thought the sauce over powered the cod-cakes. And the steamed sea bass with capers and olives is very similar to my version. But hey, Bobby lost the throw-down and probably because the chef-judges were looking for traditional dishes. That is not where I usually go–always looking to make them my own and sometimes they just end up outside the box. So all I am saying is I like my menu and will stack it up against any.

Be sure to join us. This is a seafood-lover’s night and a night for those who love seafood lovers! Hope we see you there. Click through to see the menu.