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Not sure why EVOO got front page of the Travel section, but grateful all the same. It has been an interesting afterglow to say the least. Every now an then I am told by new guests that they just happen to see that picture of me in the Oregonian and it made them want to check us out! Some people have just said something like they have been reading about us and that picture finally made them pick up the phone and make a reservation. Lately too, we get calls from people who are sure they cannot get in for the following weekend because we are so popular. Let me reassure, we have sometimes only filled up the day of the class just hours before it starts! And this year particularly, we see lots more last minute reservations than past years; spontaneous beach trips where people are waiting till the last minute even to make hotel accommodations. So don’t hesitate to ask if we have space–most likely we do. If we don’t, we will try our best to talk you into something else real soon. Read article: http://evoo.biz/press