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INNOVATIONS – Improv-open stove night at EVOO?

Finally, I am finding a moment to write again. Lots of distractions this week, like a trip to the big city, Beaverton! Amazing how small our world is in our paradise. Our girls, the poodles, needed hair cuts and we decided to make it a family outing. It was a good day–complete with sunshine, meeting a friend over coffee, and a short play date with “Dude” (a big friendly chocolate lab) at the “off-leash” park. Simple, enjoyable and a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of which, letís get to today’s topic. This past weekend we had a visitor, a friend from our old neighborhood, Kurt, who just happens to be an excellent cook. He and I prepared a course for our TASTE of TUSCANY class. It never fails to remind me of how vast this cooking thing is and how much there is to learn. Itís fun just having the company of another passionate cook around. I always come away with something new and sometimes innovative. We started talking about being a little looser about cooking–less formal. Kurt described how he just loves to make stuff up as he goes. It gave us an idea that we want to put out there to see if it has interest.

You’ve no doubt heard of “open mike” at comedy and jazz clubs. Well, how about “open stove” at EVOO! Our stove is your stove–just shop the walk-in (thatís our refrigerator), and put together an “impromptu course” that is then tasted by the other participants. We could do this throughout the evening, for at least 3 courses, with each given a time limit for preparation. They would even choose a wine to go with, and each course is graded by the participants that night. The winner gets an EVOO apron for a souvenir and proof of title–winner of EVOO Improv-open-stove night. If you like the idea, give me a shout at bob@evoo.biz; and if you don’­t like it tell me why not. Thanks in advance for your input.