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It’s busy but slow here

Just realized it has been long since I wrote in this blog. I promised Lenore I would write at least once a week. Then she got me signed up for Facebook and while she was there we did a page for EVOO. So that makes three places to post and I am not yet routinely doing any of them.

But for today there is a sense that time is speeding by and keeping in touch socially is supposedly ensures people’s mental healthiness! So to testify that I am mentally sound, I am making contact to those who care to read this and admittedly it gives me pleasure knowing that someone might care to read this.

Lenore and I are busy because it is slow here!  That is, it is a “shoulder season” in Cannon Beach. Visitors come weekends only and only about a tenth the number we see during season. We are used to such a feast and famine existence because that is the way it is in the restaurant world. We are busy or slow–it’s just the way it is! It doesn’t mean we like it–because as the owner of a business being slow directly impacts the bank account. We know how to deal with the manic times of the dinner rush in a restaurant and then the decompression in the down time, but when you are the owner there isn’t down time. That is when we dream up ways to drum up business! This is when we must do the jobs that in the summer we have employees doing. Things like filing, recycle, dusting, laundry, yard work, sweeping and washing windows. And on the home front, we do our own housework instead of farming it out. And while all this is going on we still exist under the delusion that we have extra time now to get together with friends and take a few days away now and then. So that is why we are busy during the slow time.