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Anymore we don’t need reminding that following the celebrations of the holidays & ending another year brings opportunity to reinvent, renew, refurbish an refresh in the New Year. The media lets us know that with the turning of the calendar year it is the logical time to assess our activities, business practices, and how we feel. This is especially true for weight loss tips and hints.

So like sheep, we too do our serious planning for the year in January. And this year we started with our health. Both of us know what to eat and what is good for us. What we tend to do is forget to limit the amount or up the output in the form of exercise. We are reminded of the old days when getting ready for a beach vacation meant a little more effort at the gym and a few less mash potatoes. Not anymore.  So on the personal planning sheet we are upping our output–even getting up earlier to get the personal stuff done first; I sort of think of it as paying the “piggy bank” first, saving first, before paying the rest of the bills.