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No I am not talking about the baked variety. It is the term my wife uses to describe people who “pop-over!” She claims to enjoy it, and yet I think there are mixed feelings. Yesterday we had some popovers! I was working in the store as usual when two young guys came in and stood unusually close as I was chopping lamb for my sausage. I did my usual greeting but they remained uncomfortable close. Then I hear the chorus of “Happy Birthday” from the rest of the group as they came in. It was Lenore’s side of the family from Seattle singing to me for my birthday, which isn’t till tomorrow. I haven’t seen them all together for at least seven years. The young men were just boys last I saw them. It was nice. I had forgotten how much fun I had getting together with Lenore’s family. Despite Lenore’s insistence she likes popovers, she gave them a good tongue lashing for “popping” over without calling first so she could at least set aside some time to visit. But she wasn’t really upset. They gave her 30 minutes before heading to our house, enough time to shower and do the week’s worth of coffee cups in our sink.

It was cousin Mark’s birthday and they decided to head down without calling so we wouldn’t make a fuss. They did come to our dinner show last night and it felt allot like old times. This is the group that were always pulling something. Especially on the newbie in the family, me at that time. I was the recipient of many pranks and jokes, which I reciprocated, of course! Hard to believe I would miss that, but I guess I have. This group gives an award every year for the goofiest act by a family member during the year. It’s called the brick award, and yes I receive one once. You might say, this is a symbol of our ability to laugh at ourselves. It’s a family tradition at this point and I have lost a few details of how it started, but I do know I miss these times with Lenore’s side of the family.