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We have all heard the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Well lets just say last year, my glass was never empty.  Then I got to thinking about those wonderful words.  I realized that I was always happiest in the kitchen, creating, cooking and making a general mess of things!!  There is nothing better than the smell of onions sizzling in a hot pan or the smell of bacon permeating every nook of the house.  Às fate would have it, this newfound knowledge was quickly put into culinary motion.   For my birthday, my best friend booked us for a dinner show at EVOO at Cannon Beach.  I was hooked.
Low and behold they just happen to have an internship program as well.  Needless to say,  I quit my job,  packed my things and was beachward bound.
Now to the important things….the food!!!!!

So apparently drooling around the food is not acceptable…so the challenge begins.  Braising large legs of grass fed lamb, de-glazing the pan with white wine and tucking bright green stems of rosemary and thyme around perfectly seared meat is just the start of my day.  Into the oven it goes & then its on to a 12 layer lasagna.  Fresh rolled pasts, Basil pesto and a creamy bechamel sauce.  If you have never attempted this staple sauce- get ready.  You make a roux of butter and flour, onion and milk and you stir- CONSTANTLY- until you have either a thick creamy sauce or a beautiful new arm muscle!!!

The Basil pesto is a vibrant green & the smell of garlic, herb and pine nuts is transcendent. Suddenly I am cooking with my grandma Gilda in her kitchen, laughing and speaking our half Italian, half English dialect. We also put together spring rolls in a zen like fashion.  The bright colors of the freshly julienne vegetables displayed neatly in a translucent rice paper gave me a simple pause.  There is bread to make, mussels to clean, fish to de-bone…an organized chaos ensues.  The bread pudding??To die for.  Cubed bread tossed with chocolate chips, cream anglaise and LOVE, emerges from the oven in a warm melty goodness.  Perch it atop a orange wedge and top it with Godiva chocolate gelato and freshly whipped cream….NIRVANA.

Bread pudding with chocolate pieces; brulee banana; Godiva chocolate gelato; salted peanut brittle

All in a days work.  Welcome to my bliss friends!!! Katie