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For most people summer is a time to take long walks on the beach, sip wine on the deck and enjoy being outdoors. For Lenore and me those activities are more for the shoulder season, as they say. Summer kicks off the busiest time of year in our little town when you are a business owner. Visitors are now coming not just from Portland and Seattle but also all over Europe and points down under. So as we get started on this roller coaster we call high season, I hope you’ll stop in and say hi from time to time, remind me what day of the week it is, and join us for lunch. In fact, that is why we opened our family meal, as we call it, to the public. We are pretty busy seven days a week now, so it is the best way we know to do some socializing. Come for coffee, a great bowl of soup, bottle of OR wine paired with some artisan cheeses and our crusty bread, but come on in. One thing for sure, we’ll be here all season