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Trippin’ out to Tuscany

Who knew our culinary tour to Tuscany this coming October would be so popular. We decided  quite spontaneously to add a second week since our first filled so quickly. And then the second filled too! So off we go to Tuscany with two groups back to back, the second repeating the itinerary of the first. It has been slightly daunting to be the hosts of a party, so to speak, that we are putting together over such a long distance. We already have a high degree of confidence in our contacts in Italy and so we must have faith in them to deliver the goods. They have after all, the experience of organizing such tours that we do not. Our guide grew up in the area and knows the proprietors personally. Between now and our departure the plan is to nail down even more details of each experience. For example, Lenore and I will help to pick out our dinner menus at the Villa; both the hands-on classes as well as the others. Our guide has already checked with the two chef-hosts at the Villa who encouraged us  to plan the menus with them. Mind you we are asking for authentic seasonal Tuscan meals. Without knowing anyone, we should have a certain level of faith in the results, since after-all, it is Italy!  At this rate we will have plenty to report when our travel companions get together with us in May at EVOO for our Taste of Tuscany dinner. At that time we should know more about the weather picture in October and what to pack, and if the men need jackets/ties, because Lenore tells me the women will know how they should dress just knowing that. We do know good walking shoes and even boots might be in order for one of our day trips into the olive orchards. Hopefully we can do it all with one bag. So stay tuned as we continue our ramp up to Tuscany!