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We’re back from Italy, where we enjoyed our two tours with our EVOO guests. We had so many food and wine experience that we should have lots of material for our blogs going forward. For now it was easy to see that Bob would rather be on the other side of these activites because he did the dinner show last night, first in two weeks, and he was pumped! He belongs in the kichen at EVOO.

Our welcome dinner in Sorrento was our first night together. Almost everyone arrived at the hotel in time to freshen up, maybe even take a swim. They dressed up a litte and we went by bus to a local family restaurant, barely six months old. The entire family was involved. Mom and daughter were the chefs and dad and son, Giavanni, were in the diningroom. They have very high standards, ones that they won’t compromise, even for local customers. For example, they told us they once had pizza on the menu and a local family really liked it. When they returned it was no longer on the menu and the customers insisted. They owners told us that they will not make a static menu like so many other restaurants in the area, because they know that the quality of the dishes they serve depends upon the freshest and best ingredients that are available. Giavanni and Bob went to the fish market the next day, a routine that Giavanni makes daily. That way he has only the best.   Sound familiar? Bob won’t compromise on the quality of ingredients either!

More to come soon, Lenore

Bob and Lenore with the family at our first local family restaurant for our welcome









Antipasti of fried mozzarella; croquette of lemon & potato; fried pumpkin fritter







Lori, Michele and Nancy in fore ground enjoying apparitif at our welcome dinner, on their terrace overlooking the terraine of the Sorrento area.
Bob and Giovanni went to the fish market together the next day.