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The grill turned and put together backwards, making the chimney on the right side as desired. But...
Here is the view of the base which the oven is to be built on--this our contractor built and we haven't even opened the oven kit yet.

Okay so we bought a wood fired oven kit! It is a 2000 pound puzzle and one might think my Lego building past might come in handy with this. Sadly, we have already run into a snag–we ordered the wrong version of the wood fired companion grill. Little did we know there was a right and left side version of said grill. This is even more disturbing because we have already set the base of the oven in place and are learning the grill with left sided chimney that we purchased is not the one we wanted with a right sided chimney. After several reconfigurations we decided we could build it backwards, and access from the back instead of its proper front.  Well that was a great idea, but as soon as we realized it required cutting some of the puzzle pieces, a move that might be fatal to the project, we went back to building it the way it is intended. Alas, we will live with a left sided chimney and like it.

I defer to Lenore in design areas like this. From a usability standpoint it is functional, especially with the proposed table top prep area and under counter storage. But visually Lenore is concerned it may be visually out of balance and somewhat awkwardly lopsided with the chimney in the way. And it is entirely possible we are both overthinking this! In the end I am confident it will provide an awesome addition to our current cooking options.

Oh, and Lenore wants me to tell you that the reason we didn’t just opt to get the kit with the chimney in the desired place is that there are none available in the USA and we’d have to  order one from Italy and wait for it to be shipped. Could be months. I for one am not good at deferred gratification.