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Dear Encore Club Members,

Our limited edition Blue Sky Sea Salt is a clean-green salt from the North shores of Oregon!

Sea salt dried in the sun from 1500 gallons of sea water collect during upwell off the North shore of Oregon, yielded 300 bottles. 

 A”finishing” salt with mineral notes, hints of juniper and a clean finish, Blue Sky Sea Salt is great for a salty pop on your salads, a nice crunch on steaks and seafood and a unique way to jazz up your ice cream or other favorite desserts.

Along with our Chef’s Blend wine a lot of people have been taking it home after the Dinner Shows.   We ship Blue Sky Sea Salt for free anywhere in the continental US.  Blue Sky Sea Salt jars are $34.95, net wt. 200 gm.

Call to order and we can either ship or hold them for pick up at our store 1-877-436-EVOO (3866).

Bob  & Lenore