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EVOO Cooking School

Act One Wine: J Scott 2017 Pinot Blanc (*)

Buttermilk fried sturgeon & remoulade; cheesy grits; spicy apple savoy coleslaw with Bob’s cask vinegar

Wine: Syncline Subduction Red 2016

Braised short rib-ricotta raviolis with sliced short rib with braising sauce, Calabrian chili peppers; microgreen salad Guest Introductions

Act Two Wine: Tamarack cellars 2015 Cabernet Franc

Lamb meatballs with tzatziki sauce and red pepper spread; fried Armenian rice; onion confit on grilled flatbread

 Finale Coffee: Café Umbria Mezzanotte Decaf coffee or Nespresso dark roast espresso shot

Baklava with elderberry syrup; black walnut ice cream; blood orange sections with chevre cheese Thank You & Happy New Year! *Beer and non-alcoholic drinks may be substituted