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RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATES are needed for 1 to 5 days/week this summer! If you like people, enjoy a positive up-beat atmosphere and can contain your enjoyment and work too, this is for you! We train everything you need except hospitality! You must bring that!

noun: hospitality the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.
Synonyms: friendly, warm, welcome, helpful, neighborly, kind, congeniality, cordial, courtesy, etc
adjective: modifier noun relating to or denoting the business of housing, serving, or entertaining visitors.

Be our guests’ first contact! You welcome them in person in the store.
Again, if you have a day or five  to spare, and want to be part of the EVOO team, please call Lenore or Bob or Melissa. 503-436-8555

his is a snap of our culinary gift store. Chef Bob is describing wine, one of his favorite topics.