Welcome to EVOO, now in our 13th year…

Guests come to our table around the stove to wine and dine, and watch the cooking show! Our goal has always been to inspire cooking at home with whole foods, that are fresh, sustainable, local and organic, as much as possible. Each month, the Dinner Shows are prepared in front of guests while they learn a variety of cooking techniques as well as information about the ingredients we use. As always, for each of our experiences, we accommodate for special diet restrictions and allergies with advance notice.  And now, here’s EVOO’s FRONT PAGE NEWS! Just “mouse” over and click topics for more information.

We have openings in our 2017 TOURS to learn more about our October 2016 tours to WINE & FOOD UNDER TUSCAN SUN and  SOUTHERN ITALY on the Bay of Naples & Amalfi Coast.  Click through for more information, or email us at info@evoo.biz or call 503-436-8555 to express your interest.

Great News! In addition to our popular one day experience as SOUS CHEF, we are extending our internship programs. See where your passion for food may take you. Click through  to see options EVOO Culinary Internship Adventure 

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