WELCOME to EVOO, now in our eleventh year delivering enlightened epicurean dining entertainment, or so says our guest A.Righter!
Guest come to our table around the stove to wine and dine, and what the cooking show. Visit our SHOW SCHEDULE and pick a date to join us at the table.

To explore more traditional hands-on cooking experiences, go to the BACKSTAGE  where you’ll get your hands dirty in our hands-on or semi hands on offerings. For the most skill building and hands-on experiences become our Sous Chef of the Day any day of a show, or join for CULINARY BASICS, 6-30 hours of hands-on chef guided instruction.

Be sure to catch our WINE BLENDING backstage class that comes with lunch, too, on Saturday, MARCH 14, 2015, 11:30 – 2:00. The barrel wines we will be tasting then blending with are coming from J. Scott Cellars of Eugene, OR. Bob and winemaker, Jonathan, are here to help you blend, cork and take home your private label wine.

Be our guest on tour with us to ITALY!  We are going in October in time for olive & wine crush and we still have space in both tours. Check out itineraries or if you cannot decide, come for both! The first week is October 10-16 in SICILYthe second week is October 17-23 to UMBRIA. If you like the intimacy of our dinner shows, you will love the intimate tours with the food & wine friends of EVOO.


FOR RESERVATIONS: Speaking with EVOO’s reservation specialist is the only way to ensure availability and to purchase show ticket(s) or to register for hands-on cooking classes. Call toll free-877-436-EVOO (3866). Remember that all sales are final so be sure of your dates and secure your lodging before booking with us.

For weekly musing by our chefs please read our postings at BOB’S DAILY BREAD (a.k.a. BLOG).

Is this your first time to our website; do you have questions? You are not alone! Check out FAQ’s (frequently asked questions). Just go to any scheduled show or class and read the right hand side of the page. Or click here.